Tuesday, July 11, 2006

[blast! at IIUM]

so here i am once again, in front of d 1.9kg thingy (no,its not a nokia 6111..berat nye sayang.),
i shud have put up d new post yesterday, but i was too damn tired, over d excitement dat flows all over my body for what, 5 to 6 hours?

guess what,yesterday, i have to go to my agency once again, n i dont miss d opportunity to run off (lrt-riding-off is more like it) to Gombak, IIUM where my fwens are already enroll for a new semester, without me. Gosh i mish them too much.

reaching d terminal putra at gombak, i already sms-ing my fwens..but only one replied. omg, where are they?? i want to meet them, pronto!

so reached kulliyah of science, seeing d 'abang matric card' (izzuddin n me punye nick 4 him) n asked him d procedure to..u noe, kua from UIA. he said i have to go to A&R (admission n records). okay. then i bumped into 'abang lab dinie' (yeah dinie, i bumped into him on ur 1st dae of d sem)..n suddenly these words just come out : "lamer x nampak?" (omg suddenly i became a friendly person). then he SMILED (note this dins.) and replied "ha ah la.. heh." ops sorry dins i was so excited seeing u dat i forgot to tell u bout dis. well, u read it ryt. hehee.

peeps i met during my search for A&R (which took nearly 3/4 hours) n whatever left of spactees in Gombak.

1. kak fathiyah n d gang ("emm nampak pika x?")
2. afif rabbani n fakhrurazi. (of coz x tego la)
3. hanisah (econs girl,ex achik's rumate yg besh!)
4. redzuan (new hair do!! hehee..nice talking to u. klakar tul sem 1 dulu ek.)
5. ruzanna (searching 4 STAD..while i've had seen all d office yet A&R seems nowhere)
6. bro tariqur rahman!!! (he SMILED at me!!!! =) TWICE!!)
7. aizuddin & aizudin (thanx a LOTTT showing me d A&R , nice talking to u, we've exchanged phone numbers aite..SMS u l8r!! )
8. nafeesa and basma (yes2!! go italy!!)
9. siti hajar n aimi (nice borak2..kewl ah kamu dah kawen!!)
10. kak lina chomell (kirimkan salamku pada kakak2 yg chomel tu!!)
11. kay eye. (haha..next time jumpe nk tgk baju oren macho.)
12.izzuddin n amirul khairuddin (kamu monteng ya?? as usual? ahaxs. "ngedate di tepi jalan?")
13. kak ratni (aiseh..jgn kate gitu kak ratni..nk join ngedate ngan amirul mehlaa..)
14.mustaqim, hanan n his fwen(sory i didnt get ur name) (mus, raye kamu harus datang!!!!! ) (oh yea hanan, kamu mau kain batik ye?)
13. finally, DINS and ANNA (gosh lamer nye kelas korg nk abes..dins thx 4 d ever loving hug! and anna, u look chantex laa..cute, dunt u dare xnak pakai lagi baju tu now dat i dah puji)
14. shidah, muzzafar ( my ever hardworking classmates)
15. my kembar zakiyyah. (x sempat borak pun, but catch ur smile! nnti kite lepak agi)
16. ramlah ( d thai biotech student)
17. deqty n mama (d scfizi students yg knal2 time matrix dulu)
18. kak bi (heh kak sowie nk cpatt.)
19. apiz,wif hakam n duang (kamu dah gelap laa apiz..nnti pakai krim pemutih ya?)
20.finally, PIKA and SHERA (c wat i meant when i said i met everyone but u guys??)

so i got back a lil late then i supposed to (due to chit chatting wif pika,dins n shera)...but i had a super-dee-duper dae. i was spossed only to get d withdrawal form, u noe. heh.

so..i'll be back my UIA peeps, i have to send these forms aite? and sory it was just a short time dat i had not been able to notify beloved , nana , n others..i will next time, i promise.

and guess what? i bring a camera, but forgots about it. only remembered when i saw dis ulat. (hover over d blank space if u didnt c d ulat pix)

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so dats it, my day as in yesterday, i went home with a very satisfied feeling. cept dat, as usual my phobia of certain man on d train...

till next time, satisfied girl..

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