Saturday, July 08, 2006

[i noe dis day will come]

today we all witnessed d "pengeluaran" of diddy from AF4. not that i am crazy voting for him. i dont vote at all. but cant d voters see dat he's got d voice? his looks are OKAY.

i mean, all d gud ones are now not in d show. karen is okay, zila so-so. only farhan left. i hope she wins. now diddy is out. whatever. i am not a fanatic fan of him, just hoping dat he'll get to d final. he deserves it right???? i think he sings the "Airmata Kasih" melodiously. whatever adnan abu hassan has to say.

every week, without fail, he delivers songs with all his heart. from 'aduh sayang' to 'airmata kasih' without fail.

anyway what past is past. i do hope someone who deserve to win will win.

till then...airmata jenn berlinangan (not!)...

p/s~ my mind cant register words correctly at night. excuse d short n simple entry. just need to blurt dis one out.


Anonymous said...

diddy daa tunang!!!

jennz said...

whuu..xpelaah. minat sbb bakat. bkn nk kawen ngan die.

emm sape ek. misteri la.

Anonymous said...

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