Monday, July 03, 2006

[crazy over you] i got to go to USU. (in case any1 doesn't know what it stands for, it's Universitas Sumatera Utara).. i felt like i've told all d important people in my life. i guess i left someone out. but i'm not sure i shud tell dat person or not. i mean we're not in gud terms anymore. why shud i tell dat person ryt?


anyway just wana say thank you for all my fwens' "congratulations"..even from d least people i expect to wish me. well thank u..seriously i never tot u remember my dream..thank u.
*blessed angel*

for ur 411, (everyone keep asking i'll do a litle FAQ here.)

Q: will i see u dis 10th july in gombak?
J: no, i will not register for my 2nd sem my fwens, but i will go to gombak, and i'm gonna c u guys...dis is a promise..

Q:wen will u be flying?
J: for the moment, i dont know d exact date. but they say either it's d end of dis month of july or early august. (i noe prev. i write october. sowie peeps..)

Q:how many years will u be going?
J:it could take as long as 6 years.if i'm brilliant enuff maybe just 5 and 1/2 years.

Q: dat means...u'll be married at 26 years old?(or older)
J: what? is there such a question jennyto? haha..hopefully ada jodoh ngan org malaysia gaks..ehee..

Q: what course u gona take?
J: enviromental studies....hey..tolong aa jennyto..only a very blur person will ask this question. opsie...

anyway, hence d title.."crazy over you"...
i am crazy ryt now. over these html codes. actually today i'm gonna put a new layout(dis black-emo thingy is soOoo not me) , but somehow, i cannot link the body of d blog-posting. i dont make me so crazy..haha...

i'm missing someone ryt now. and i'm bored.

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