Tuesday, September 23, 2008

+.::.+ tag pt 1 +.::.+

Stat wat tag slow-slow.
Tag dari alongness cam pendek and senang (kot!)

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.

Emmm..I dont think I'm weird enough to have enough weird facts. lol.
This is gonna be hard.


perasan normal plaaaaaaaks.

1. i love the colour orange.
i bet u already know this hence the colour of betty.

2. i love british bands, british music, their accent and all.
sadly diri ini speaking hanchurrrr dah jadi cam orang indon cakap aderlaaaaaa...

3. i love stars.
u know that already jugak kot.

aaaaaaaah aperni. sume pon cam org tahu. lol.

stat balek.

1. i listen to FlyFm Pagi Show during my hols in Malaysia.
i totally love them, they rocked my mornings!!

2. i'm a cicir-person.
sangat suka tercicir barang. tapi skang cam dah okay kot.
3. i am addicted to the net.
who doesn't? right?

but my housies prove they can go on days without the net.
gilaaaaaak ah korang.

4. i am sensitive about friendship.
i am.

and i'm glad i have my friends for dat. (spactees speshly. luvluv!)

and girls who separate a guy from their friends are purely an ___________.
(xde kene mengena, tapi nak tulis gak)

5. i am a early sleeper/morning person.
i love waking up in the morning, when no one else isn't.
i hate/can't stay up TILL morning and that will threw me off my balance, or my circadian rhythm.

6. i love grey's anatomy.
i do. i know most of people do too, but i am crazy about the quotes from the show, and i have this tak-logik-punye fantasy of being a damn competent yet bergaya doctor, due to the awesome obgyn doc, Dr Addison Montgomery. and yet somehow sometimes I can reflect Meredith Grey complicated mind to mine.

7. i sometimes wish i could be bolder.

I look up to alongness and dinienaa for their capability of expressing themselves well.

8. i hate crowded place.
no matter betapa sale nye kedai tuh.

no matter how menareknya stuff in there.

i rather shop somehow comfortable.

saye tak diajar pegi ke crowded place. kan long?

9. my bedcover have 5 colours!! bet you don't know dat aaaaaite?!

10. i once dream of Shah Rukh Khan and 911, serentak.
Remember british boyband 911 who bought us bodyshakin' and The Day We Found Love?
I am craaaaazeee bout them once, especially the lead singer, Lee Anthony Brennan!

So tak kisah la if they appear in my dream, tapi SRK?

Like, hello?

Oh. maybe time tu tengah syok kat Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

11. I wore bracelets everyday. and wore them ber-matching-matching ngan baju. tee-hee.

if i forgot to wear them, i feel kurang complete. serabut ah pokoknya.

12. I hate drawing a straight line.
cause its hard for me to get one.
during standard one back in SKPA, my teacher once said to me,

Zainab ni, kalo gune pembaris pun tak stret gak

time SPM I sweated in Modern Maths Paper during drawing the segi-segi thingy.

13. I love to take pictures of foods. berjuta-juta makanan dan minuman dah ditangkap.

masak je belum reti!!!!!~
my friends say im weird that way.
I dont think so.

14.I think about food 5 times a day.

15. I have to spend 5 days making this entry as I was so damn normal.

dah. setel. lol.


along said...

Mimpi SRK ke mimpi Angah?

Angah = SRK = Mwahahaha~~

Oh 911 adelah yg terbaik dari ladang dulu!

kak long is not bold, she's plain cerayzee.

and loving the bracelet/bangle collections!!
(i have a new one for u too!!)

Dinie said...

The first #1 is something new you developed in Medan, no?

When you were here (in Malaysia), I swear to God that you were obsessed with pink. What happened to your love for pink??

Oh, and as for #7, I am not as bold as you might think.

I can't even smile at a young and kinda good-looking guy in a 7series Beamer (or Beemer/BMW?) when Pik's car stopped at a traffic light yesterday.

If your measure of bravery is by your guts to smile and flirt with strangers, that is.

I am twisted. Most people say you are brave if you are willing to go to war, but I consider myself to be brave if I can smile at a cute random stranger.

Go figure my twistedness.

Matematis Muda said...

pinku orenju
orenju pinku
pinku orenju

tu cara org jepun sebut kaler pink n oren
mcm orenjus pun ada
ok xde kena mengena dgn topik

no 10 adalah paling takleh bla
n no 13, i dont think its weirdo too
not even close to weird

amy emyla said...

waaa...byk nyerr gelang....best nyerrr!!
mau kumpul gaks n kalah kan jennyto !! hahah