Sunday, July 06, 2008

+.::.+ catching up! +.::.+

seriously, biler dah lame x menulis, idea hilang semua.
tunda punye tunde,
memang xde idea abes.

here's my recap of my bz week!~
busy laa sangat.....


pegi survey hotels and resorts @ PD, this was a sudden decision i made, and thankfully iela dengan baek hatinya willing to go. sorry for the spur-of-the-moment punye decision. ini sumernye bcoz jenn yg x reti nak plan ahead, and realise minggu ni die fully booked. yea ryte.

ielala dengan pokoknye.

jalan punye jalan, akhirnya we decided between 3 places, still pk on the pro and cons of the place (budget, keselesaan and facilities) untuk our housies punye cuti2!!~

ielalala..terimakaseh atas segalanya!~


appointment wif SKTPJ darlings!

wif no where to go ditengah-tengah hari in seremban, believe it or not, we made a lawatan sambil gelak-gelak ke the state museum and the school that unite us all, SKTPJ!!

it was fun to hang out with mizah + dani + rocky, and later we r joined by mamash @ the school!

kat istana budaya next to the state museum

i wont bore u guys with the vain pictures of us all posing everywhere in the museum and the school, so let's gone! :p


on these two days I haf to made trips to Putrajaya to send myUmie as she got some stuff to do for her 'lembaga' thingy. as I have like NINE hours to waste, I use this time wisely :p to meet up with my beloved dottie!

not-so-on-the-way, i kidnay iela as well to be the penunjuk arah for the day, she succeeded lead us to the curve, much to dottie abboy's delight, as she never been there before, and me myself had only been there once.

my beloved dottie!

again i wont bore u with the pictures.

or maybe i myself bored to sit infront of the 1.9kg thingy.


i'm busy with MET stuff right now, not to mentioned some PKPMI delayed stuff I got to do.
hurm..and what with the trip to PD and kuantan?


c u wen i c u.

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