Saturday, July 12, 2008

+.::.+ better in time +.::.+

u never knew how u cud made a person's day just by small gestures.

strangers that made my day.
- the cashier @ parade. :) cuteness.
- the driver of kancil/kelisa (or isit viva?) dat angkat tgn beriya tinggi made me smile.
- phat fabes, ben & nadia of FlyFM Pagi show. thank u.

so never forget to your manners & courtesy (is it the right word?) to people around u.

who knows, u just maybe made their day!


Matematis Muda said...

hitz morning crew lagi bes laaa

jennyto said...

oh u made my day as well :p

Anonymous said...

i think pagi show lagi best. cube dengar for a week, pastu tengok mana lagi best. dulu i pun syok dengar morning crew, sebab ada gotcha call. tapi skang im hooked on fix it. banyak drama. skang boleh menang kete plak. just try for a week la, tengok u suka ke tak.

jennyto said...

anon : yupperry who ever u are!
love em!!

aiichan said...

pagi show for me ^^

jennyto said...

yup aiichan...pagi show all d way!!!!!

jennyto said...
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