Wednesday, July 23, 2008

+.::.+ and it's ending +.::.+

i will be bummered if i dont get to c my besties cum sistas (other than u achik, lucky me i get too c u evryday!) during hols.

it was lovely meeting her and catch up on each other news.
glad that she was okay now tho.
and being miserably happy. (^^,)
i wish i cud be like u abboy.
and last night i got to YM her a little bit, n she was a darling, (u always are hun!)

somehow talking to her just made me forgot all the problems and conflicts im having now.
not that talking to you doesnt gave me that effect, matematismuda.
(it's a girl-girl thingy, u understand aiiite?)

and being scaringly cute (^^,) person, she made my day. thank you dottie!
i wuv pinkorangey berry much!!

and last sunday, i got to meet up wif dis vogue fwen of mine.
i completely forgot how 'bergaya' she is, and when i met her,

aside from all the hyperness,
woot u look beautifuulllll darl!
hoiih sekeping!
makan dah?
i just wished i hadnt wear those flipflops.

dinie naaaaa..mish u darl!!

n somehow my shopping was a easy-breezy for me that day,
berjaya merembat a pair of jeans & a simple sandal i've been eyeing back in Medan.
( and for much waaaaaaaay lesser price too!)
luv u Malaysia Mega SALE! :P

it was nice hearing about *Roxy guy, hearing about Kuantan & stuff,
but i had to apologize to her, (& again wif the apology jennytooooo) coz my head was somewhere else, & i cant talk in a crowded place.
LOL. (talk about giving excuses!)

but im glad we meet tho diniena!

i luv the gifts u people gav me & achiko!
i simply love wut the tee said,
"breaking hearts & saving lives @ the same time"

did i, guys?

if i did, the breaking hearts part wasn't intentionally.
usually it was caused by my mere stupidity.

and i do hope to do the latter.

ouh. n every hols, if i did not get to see this keq guy,
rase macam tak sah.

even it was just 10 mins sending me off @ the airport,
or picking me up from the airport,
going to Kuantan,
or simply talking over Pizza Milano's alfredo!!!
(and then off he went to memancing, apparantly, the fishes are more important.)

keq's 1st alfredo?

dont get me wrong, or confused with wuteffs i had with him,
he's totally a good friend, and it looks like it's gonna stay dat way for a long time.
eyh keq?

hello. enchek matematismuda bermata chomel nak campak mane?

last night i was on the phone with him.
talking about something i had in mind.
(biasekla jennyto kene counsel sekali sekala)
and how geram it is the hols are ending

and dapat jumpe die sekali je?

but. dalam tak mahu pulang tuh.
tak sabar pulak nak pulang.
otak nak kene servis :P



along said...


eh, silap.

so sweet.

eh, silap lagi.


Like, helloOo, enchek matematismuda bermata chomel nak campak mane?

so watafak sweet lah.
i am so proud of u meh!!!

malam nanti along call okeh.
balek, gi servis pe patut.

gonna wipe this stupid grin off my face now.


aiichan said...


so sweeet ^^

jennyto in jwang mode!

dins said...

gahah.thanx to me,u have that pic oh-kay.tah pape la kamu ni genn.
p/s:oh-em-gee,muke sgt oily!my face, that is.huhu.take care!


jennyto said...

alongness : mencarut jauh2 aa weii!! bad influence btol!! go go wipe that cacat sengeh of yours!

aiichan : jiwang? oh no no no..just happy :)

dins : saye memang tah hape2. :D tapi sbb tu kamu syg saye kan? muacks! muke kamu tak oily, flash tu x elok, lol.

Matematis Muda said...