Friday, July 25, 2008

+.::.+ and truly, it's a new beginning +.::.+

by the time you guys read this, i am at Medan already,
battling with the noise of blaring honks from cars,
with fatty bakso and all the tempes,
and attempts to not scrunching my nose by the smell of dead rats.
bye-bye kenny!
my internet line would not be restored till next month,
so i prepared this entry for you stalker people
so that u have something to read and add to your whatjennytowillbedoingdemm
i had a nice holiday.
yeah right.

if ever jennyto gonna express her true feelings kan?

but i did have an exciting one.
sO maNY pLaCeS i've VenTurEd.
ke pd.
ke melaka.
ke klcc.
ke sungai buloh.
ke cheras.
ke putrajaya.
ke the curve.
ke muzium negeri.
ke taman tasik.
ke seremban 2 park.
ke sekolah.
ke parade.
ke jusco for like, a hundreth time?

sO maNy sTuFf i've bEen eAting.
mCd mCmuFfIn.
mCd quAtEr pOunDer.
bAnanA piE!! oso aT McD.
pIzzA mILanO's aLfrEdo.
KenNy's Mac & chEEsE.
PizZa Hut's pRawn OliO sPagHetti.
qUaTer MeaL oF keNNy's.
SR's dOrY with loBsteR sAuce.
SR's mAcarOni & CheeEsE.
aLL the cHeEse cAkes @ SR.
KeLfOoD's nAsi KeRaBU.
(nak tulis ape ko makan untuk sebulan memang tak cukup la jennyto!)
bye-bye SR!

sO maNY pEoPLe i've meT & cAtcHup!
dIeLa LaLiNk.
anies RoSe.
naBiLa aDrInA.
rUkY RoCk.
NaDiAh bAru gRAd.
mIEzAh cHoMeL.
daNey aSpirInG LaWyer.
aBbOy dOttIe!! luvluv!
kEq KI. (ekekeke :p)

bye-bye glorious food!

in a nutshell, eventhough i feel this hols are the tiring hols ever, I'm glad dat my time is filled with so so so so so sos sosro? many stuff!
so jennyto, its study time after this,
jangan main2!!


szakif said...

jenny. ade orang selesema. rindu katenye.

pastu izudin tanye, camne ko kenal nabil. huahua~

along said...

auto publish entry waklu.

why is my name not in the list of so many people u've met and catchup?

and why issit u been spelling with uruf besar kecik besar kecik?

So mat rempits la u!!

jennyto said...

szakif : shape? anda kah? :p laa izzudin ni..knal time matrix duluh laa..acecece..xkan nk cite detik2 pertemuan kotss :p

alongness : along neeeeeh. mane i mat rempit..minah k. haha x saba nya hati mahu beli varioooooo