Wednesday, February 13, 2008

.::. mouthwash .::.

i know it's been a while since i last blogged.

and i'm envious with this person, who suddenly memblog dengan baik about his interest-the FIFA game.

and not to mention this supermodel sister of mine yang memang dengan bagusnya update her blog dengan penuh istiqamah. i miss u!

i'm in the midst of cathcing up my studies, thanx to my short-stint of going back home. yup, back to beloved Malaysia.

it will be a while before i blog again, until i found the time to blab about my life.

I have 15minutes more before I have to get ready for class, might as well write about what I'm gonna study, and then, barulah,
sambil menyelam, minum air.
(or something like that.)

- is a chronic, non-infectious inflammatory dermatosis characterized by well-demarcated erythmatous plaques topped by silvery scales.
- pathology : epidermis is thickened, with keratinocytes retaining their nuclei. no granular layer & keratin builds up loosely at the horny layer (stratum corneum).
- clinical presentation varies from severity to life threatening. patterns include :
- plaque
-generalized pustular
-nail involvement.

i bet u dont understand. me neither.
oh. except arifah and mr d.b.i.

that's it--class!!

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