Sunday, January 27, 2008

+.::.+ feverish! +.::.+

class recommenced for the new sem.

sangat penat, and suddenly jennyto over here is down with fever.
the whole package.
demam + selsema + batuk.

but being HER, she ingat her demam will go over a night of sleeping.
makin teruk, but die dengan tabahnye went for tutorial yang ga' bisa diponteng.
n with flying colours, she delivers her learning issue to her tutorialmates,
went to the consulate (ehem2! ngapain ke sana ya??),
and buleh lagi she pegi bakar sampah depan rumah.

makin teruk.
suare macam da ella bagai.
but she keeps her cool, and demam sorang2.
yeah of course her housies tau she's not well.
tapi die wat mcam die sehat je, menggoreng, mencuci bagai.

padahal da sakit sampai terpakse tido the whole night,
just to ilangkan rase berat kepale tuh.
kenape tak jumpe doc?
buleh tak, tak sempat?

she's in the beginning of the block, and block ni kebetulan sangatlah hectic schedulenya,
sampai she can't afford to miss any labs or tutorial,
yang suprisingly dah start on the 1st week of the semester.
which also made her plans to FLY to Jakarta to be aborted.
(don't ask. tukakaki matters.)

she mintak some pills,
n she took them as prescribed by the docs-wannabies a.k.a housies
n her demam n selsema has already subside.
n batuk leads to saket tekak.

kene gi carik SP TROCHE kat pharmacy neh..

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