Friday, February 22, 2008

+.::.+ between the lines +.::.+

dlm lab ^^,

tak sah seseorang tu adalah dak medic kalo x cakap
"byk gile nak kne study!!!"

one week more till the exam.
with totally loads to learn.

but sometimes, we medic students forget to remember that there's an outside world outside all this.
outside reading thick books and memorizing what disease cause by what factor.
a world, not involving white lab coats, frogs muscle to examine, dead people bones to handle.

there's a wide wide world of general knowledge outside there,
and it's sad to see how many are aware of it.

there's the entertaiment world of course, which lots of people find it hard to ignore,
with the uprising of this new band, and this new song,
with the breakup of this couple, and the buying a manor stuff.
this is a world we all can ignore.

and then there's a world of politics, which determine who and how in the government.
amidst of the election fever going on, many of us didnt realise what is happening in our country.
and many, including me (with a smack on the head) didnt register to vote when we can.
we had an obligation to do that right?
why? because we had so much important things to study. *yeah ryte*

then i would like to touch on manners,
this is not a whole another world, but is an integrated one, a world where we should be living in,
with manners.
gone were the days when the students respect the lecturers and follow them like a stray puppy.
i know, we are now brighter than they are, and we dont have to respect them a whole lot anymore because they dont teach us much right?
we studied on our own.
*taik kerbo~~*

as much as i would like to elaborate, i would like to stop here before i babble more than i meant,
before i started to be like miss-goody-goody, when i am actually reminding of myself here that is full of fault, with every entry i wrote.

with that i hope everyone hold on steadfast to our religion Islam as much as we can, even if we're miss-think-you're-so-perfect, at least u are trying to be. usaha tangga kejayaan! :) Islam is not another world affair, it is what our world should be. Islam is the way of life!

p/s- i miss uia.


.cookie suria m. said...

"*taik kerbo~~*"?
i think d words quoted from ur entry there is quite kiyut
kerbo = kerbau
hahah~ xtau nape but rase cm lucu!

owh well
maybe sbb tensen blaja
and yes, studying can be darn tiring & depressing *sigh*

p/s: nice blog nway;D

Rinie said...

macam tengah berkempen je ni...

wahh sungguh hebat berkempen sampai ke Indonesia...


jennyto said...

.cookie suria m. : thx. lucu kah?
hehe sgt direct translation dr bulls**t. heh.

rinie : hehe haruslah. saya anak malaysia. whudnt ignore what happening in the place where u r living now kan(since im here)???!!

Abdullah Zainal Abidin said...

Kaklang the guy on the far right is hot :P. Your bf?

jennyto said...


so not.

so xmao.
kamu mau kah?

along said...

dat guy is my anak ikan la dolla.

my bad.

maen anak ikan la plakkkkk~!!

jennyto said...

apekah anak ikan???

amy emyla said...

huhu...comey gambo tu...i like...

Betul2 kat2 exam nie..makin xcukup tdo...hukhuk..eleh kite kne count gak tdo yg kecik2...coz kalu total sehari lebih byk tdo dr study...
ari nak dekat exam tdo ngantuk makin menjadi2....fiuhhh!!!!


jennyto said...

huhu kire kalo minum dosis tinggi nescafe xde efek toksisitas kah???