Monday, February 18, 2008

+.::.+ love is no big truth +.::.+

i had lots on my mind right now.
with the exam lurking around the corner,
the construction going on my house,
our secretpact not to tell the owner that we're moving,
the pkpmi thingy,
the dinner thingy,
the boy factor,
and my sudden indulgement to lots and lots of chocolates.

On my studies
we used to have lots of class, lots of notes and little searching to do on our own.
now we have lots of class, few handouts, and extensive searching to do on our own.

we used to have a week with few labs, one tutorial per two week.
now we have lab every other day when there's no tutorial, and one tutorial per week.

we used to have free time and still have the energy to go out and have dinner.
now when we're back from the lab/class, we are totally exhausted that we skipped dinner.

and exam is totally around the corner.


On my home sweet home
the owner(who is living in Malaysia) is here, finally. After lots n lots of complaining, he's finally here looking at the house we live in, which is quite okay by me, but not by my fellow housemates. but pity the guys, their house is in a pretty bad condition.

so we actually planning to move out, well, we actually had made another contract with another house owner, and the care showed by the current owner is erm, too little too late.

On the friends factor

i'm just a tad sensitive that's all.

but this is my advice to all the girls out there, if you feel down, stressed out by your current girlfriends, never ever went for a guy to replace the girls.

even if the guy is okay and had no intention of doing nothing wrong to u,
just dont.

there's a reason why Islam never let free mingling between girls and guys.
no matter how tempted you are to be friends with that particular guy, dont.

i know i'm not the best example to advice this, but i'm trying.
I'm trying to change my ways.

let us all together try to change for the better.

On my appetite

my appetite always depends on my moods.
which is not a very good thing.

girls often tend to that.
i know.

and even if my sudden indulgement towards the chocolates may seem normal to you,
but how about when i dont eat proper meal for 3 days?

no one even cares, that is what i know..

[sensitive mode]

i miss u along!


Rinie said...

On your studies:

Bak kata seorg lecturer USU:

"Siapa bilang bidang kedokteran gampang"

Gampang gampang.. sgt gampang..

On your home:

Apa sudah jadi? but ntg shld be expected la.. indo wat..

On your friends prob:

Its normal la get hurt or wateva..

but once the wound is heal it will look better than the previous one ^^

On your appetite:

Sakit gigi oiii..

nak tanya skit.. camne ko wat blog ko jd camni layout? aku xtau la nak wat camne.. pakai default je

along said...

tang studies?

u r a whiz kiddo, no kidding.
insyaAllah, u'll get thru.
skipped dinner?
ke diet :P

tang sweet home kamu?

ive never been there n i just hope ur next home would b a lot better.
korang nak kua camne?
pindah time malam2?
gile adventureee!!

tang friends?

there are times we have to just be laid back.
things will cool down.
n it doesnt hurt to turn to guys.
but never replace them girls with guys.
guys will always be guys.
there will NEVER learn the limits..d'oh~!!

tang appetite?

hang memang kuat makan hokehhhh~!!
takde maknenye depend on moods :P
cume as ur mood maken x best, the appetite gets going!!

makan la,bak kata ayah.
ayah tak kesah anak-anak ayah makan.
bia duit tak cukup tapi cukup makan.


tang sensitive mode?

i mishh uuu too~!!
(seb baek gamba cun.tudung hang kembang.tralalala~!!)

Rinie said...


isk mana da guys xtau limit..

ni panas ni...

tercabar jiwa raga nusa bangsa lelaki ni..

jennz said...

rinie - gampang..gampang...

eyh if the wound dah heal, then must be a scar aite....

huhu then u know d limits lah?
well ur d 1st! haha..

along - betul...biar x ckp duit! asal cukup makan! wahahaaha...

eisk. nk tdg itam len. tudung tuh kembang! menchi!

Rinie said...

kalo luka letak aloevera atau bahasa melayu nya lidah buaya takkan ada scar tau..

haa mesti xtau ni..

isk xde emoticon ke kat comment board ni.. nak yg cucuk2 langit tu..

jennz said...

cehh sgt sengal. camneh ko bls comment laju cam kilat ha??

aku lupe da aku tuka layout ni carik je mane2 kat internet..

kalo dpt yg da xml punye cun a..senang..

nk men html2 penat aar..

lgpun ktorg baru belajar pasal musculoskeletal...kebykan infeksi akan meninggalkan scar..nnti aku suggest pakai aloevera!

aku nak cucuk orang! xnk cucuk langit! heh

along said...

tergelak baca komen korang :P

to rinie;
meh berkawan dgn along.
since u know d limits la kan :P
sangat penat berkawan-kawan dgn lelaki tatau limits neh...

ni blom jadi artis i nehhh...tralala~
(sesuai digantikan dgn ikon org bersiul2 dgn riaknye)

to alang;
tudung itam kite borong time melawat tengganu nnt wokehhh? ;)

Rinie said...


saya ni pemalu orangnya...

isk.. malu la..

along said...

pemalu dan tau limits?

anda memang one of a kind!!

Rinie said...

TQ ^^

jennz said...

jennyto (rolling her big eyes):



Abdullah Zainal Abidin said...

kak lang the guy on your right in the first picture is, hot. lol so how?

Abdullah Zainal Abidin said...

wait that comment was supposed to be on the most recent post. ok repost balik jap eh.

edriaty said...

hahaha..rindukan along eh.
xpyh rindukan budak gile ituh.

jennyto said...

haha jgnla kate die dak gile.

akaku x gile.

gile cun kot!