Wednesday, February 20, 2008

+.::.+ sincere +.::.+

umie..xbg scooter pun lori neh pun jadi laa....

for this few days, the lecturers has been giving this sentence to us;

" kamu jangan buat dosa sepanjang hayat "


this is one of the situation that lead us to hearing the above sentence,

Mycobacterium Leprae.
-is a type of fungi that cause leprosy.

early signs of M.leprae infection is presence of maculae.

*Maculae - a discoloration of the skin, no elevation.

but many of other fungi also gives the same kind of signs.
to defferentiate it, we must test the sense of feeling at the macula.

and this is only one of the example,
how we must study carefully and sincerely,
cause if we just take it lightly,
and omit the particular test,
the patient might came back a year later,
with leprosy at the stage of organ disfigurement and deformity.

and this is what my lecturer calls,

'dosa sepanjang hayat'

(because we could see the deformity our whole life)

in everything we do,
not only in studying to be a competent doctor,
but also even if you're just cooking for lunch,
sincere is the most important attitude to have.

when you're sincere in your studies,
insyaAllah the knowledge will come to you easily.
when you're sincere in your friendship,
insyaAllah the friendship would last.
when you're sincere in your life,
insyaAllah your life would be a good one.


Babe said...

Ya bagus sekali entrinya dong!

boleh aku quote sekali

dosa sepanjang hayat, peringatan tu

ikhlas dalam apa jua kita lakukan. Akan ku semat dalam pale otak.


jennz said...

hu trimas to u gks!

mari same2 ingat mengingat~