Thursday, December 18, 2008

+.::.+ start memblog kembali +.::.+

ye saye dah berjanji ngan diri saye akan lebih memblog kini exam dan segalanya telah selesai.

huhu well for the past few days, i've had several outings with those ppl who will be in Malaysia very soon. a.k.a semua orang. lol.

yess, jennyto tak balik coz she love medan so much.

i'm enjoying every bit of it, cz i know when they all had went back, it sure will be boringg n sunyi ( n i can blog more cz i have so much time then :p )

us. achiko is on the other side, with her aikido fwens

seriously i havent got the mood to blog yet, i rather play pet society on facebook lol.

tgh tunggu farah addicted to it plak.. heheh..


d said...

how was the exam dahling?
me miss ya.

aiichan said...

new template~!

im going back this saturday and yet i cant get my feelings straight since the results arent out yet.
and so far, i only got sucky news bout my results.



As said...

hopefully everything turns fine :)

tukar layout bile neh

che-mie said...


blog yang menarik

jennyto said...

d : it was gruelling, as usual. huhu miss u too!

aiichan : cant wait for all d results to come out. sgt leceh ah they all.

As : hehe baru san!! simple layan arh..

che-mie : ya ya wutever. :p