Wednesday, December 24, 2008

+.::.+ so here comes the doom lol +.::.+

I was about to delete this post cause I felt so helpless in not helping my family n all n kinda regret not coming home.
but then, by not coming home, that means less money to spend, and more money for the fees.
Alhamdulillah JPA now discovered that they dont cover enough gor our fees.

I'm worried about things at home and I haven't talk to anyone about it.
but I dont know why I even wrote it here.

I. just. dont. like. it.
the idea of people knowing how you are and family n so on.
its okay for me to huhu haha about here n there but i dont usually talk about my feelings, if u noticed.

but then, i seriously hadnt talk to anyone at all about this.
how my feelings are exactly.
lets keep it that way.

so today was the day of the holidays that the last flight from medan embark from bandara polonia.

and last night was Fara's flight, and she was the last person from our house to leave for the hols.

it was kinda sad actually, eventho there are some things that cant be explained happened, I truly enjoyed being with you guys and do other stuff apart from studying.
(i know i'm beginning to sound like a L-O-S-E-R but whaddaheck)

balik from the airport, rase sunyi Medan ni.
kan, Uda?
well, Uda said it is normal in the beginning, especially when people started to go back n stuff, but it'll be okay. lucky me, Iela wud be around.

saye, iela n fara yg berbaju langsir hehe tgh tunggu flight yg delay
sambil menibai croissant kat dunkin donut!

the past few days had been fun, watching movies, dining and hanging out. Wif Iela, Fara, Aki Aneh hehe, Intan, Syaza, Aciko, Nisah...and yang laen2..maaf tak sebut kalo tak tersebut. surely highlights of my hols wud be these days!! (lame-O, i know)

tgh makan pizza hut dengan syaza, aki, iela, farah, n uda n apip tapi jennyto-saket-perot-nak-mati.
thanx kawan2 yg membantu...

dengan intan faDiLLah hehe n nisah di palladium!!~

aKi tgkap gamba neh..tgh tunggu tgk twilight utk 4th time huhu

anyway for the hols, I've got these two things I have to attend to.
No thanx to Iela for agreeing lol,
saye takut jage2 hewan ni...
I have to decline Mumtaz's rabbit n Abbi's mamot coz I'm afraid banyak banyak nant tak terjage huhu sowwy guys.

moCca & eLi

so guys, happy holidays from me, hope u have a great one! I miss u all~

owe..saye rindu juge orang2 yang saye usually ketemu during my holiday.
D. & rest of spactees.
my recent lifesaver.
kamu2 lah!!!!
take care, xOxO!!


D said...

ehem. i'm gonna SMS you later. about this most recent entry of yours.

aiichan said...

take it this way, at least you have something new to experience ^^

a.k.a P@i said...

da blk sane ehh??
berblog balik arr..
rasa sunyi je dunia nih ..

jennyto said...

D : ehem. haha no need lah. ill call u later..wen ade duet haha.

aiichan : yeaaaaaaaa ryte lol

a.k.a P@i : mane ade da balek sini balek...tak balek2 pon ke sane huhu...tak sunyi de tanpe anda berblog :P :p

caNNyGurl said...

sian ko eh duk sane

duk sane diam2 tau

jgn merayap2

ingtla org tersayang

*ikhlas dari jabatan pengangkutan jalan*