Friday, March 07, 2008

+.::.+ friendship +.::.+

who doesn't believe in friendship never ends?

i do.

u do.

but i don't necessarily take my friends for granted.

i know, i know, this maybe the zillionth entry on my idea of a near-perfect friend.

but well this is my blog, and like suria said, my territory.

for that, i heart my friends so much, coz they had enough will to bear all my rantings and be happy with me.

for that, i thank them for have enough patience to be with this gal.

for that, i value u guys so much and i know i dont really show my care and loving that much, but i do.

i lost a great friend of mine when i begun studying in Indonesia.
The distance just became a factor, and after all my tries to save the special friendship,
the other person just doesnt really bother to do the same.
or maybe the other person is busy.
it's so hard for me to accept the fact that the other person just cant really care about me like old times.
it's so hard to accept that the fact that the great friend isn't yours anymore.
it's so hard to accept the fact that the other person is happy enough wherever that person is, even without you.
and it's even harder to accept the fact that the other person doesnt NEED you to be a friend, but u are insufferably in need.

once, i nearly lose a friend due to my temper,i've blogged about it before, very vaguely, and now i had totally lost that person, no thanx to my emo-triggered-temper. and with the fact that other person thinks thyself is tired of being a friend and having to keep up with my tantrums. with that i said sorry, and if you feel better off without me, i have to make do without u, just the same of how i have to make do without person numero uno.

with each friends, the relationship is different.
some friends we love them because they are totally darling to hang out with.
some, because they just can give totally good advice to the very shallow-minded me.
some, because they are protective and with that we have the urge to protect them as well.
some friends are full with kindness and patience, that makes us inspired to change the terok side of ourself.

there are lots of reason why a friendship can go on.

but there are one reason why it can't.

because the other person doesn't need it.

i choose my close friends.
i am selective of my close friends.
for that i dont have many people to hang out with.
because i have lots of factors that i need to be comfortable with a person.
when i do, i depend on them like hell. *refer last post*

and to date. i heart the one remains.

and to say the fact 'boys and girls cant be just friends' is totally true.
oh maybe except u rinie. s along said, ur d 1st!

i heart u along for making me laugh today for the comments.
i love how u make me feel protected from the guys.
eventho itu sepatutnye tugas angah.
thank god, u're my along.

i heart u dinie for everytime i call u,
u'll hear the same problem that never been solved,
but every single time, u listen to it patiently,
and give totally kewl advice,
and made me laugh as well.

i heart u shewa and pika,
for making me want to sorok2 my nose and flabs,
for making me feel valuable and even without you guys knowing it,
lift my keazaman to do everything.

i heart u dila,
for menjadikan saye teman yang sgt special kamu.
for making my hols enjoyable.
for making my school years worth it.

i heart u d rest of spact8.

(i cant publish all d piccas i wanted, no thanx to the internet connection)

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