Saturday, March 15, 2008

+.::.+ dancing shoes +.::.+

hope everyone is having a lovely time, regardless how busy u are,
and dont forget to be thankful for everything that we are blessed with.
random pictures.
limited time. rings!~

for ur golden moments!~

zero. my recent addict. *ade x kt mesia neh??*

ingat! masa itu emas!

owh. lupe. being tagged by dafrosty. 6 unimportant things about me.

1. i totally heart the rings. they're next to terribly-missed white choc macademia cakes from Secret Recipe.

2. i miss the so-called-bestfriend.

3. my body is totally susceptible to caffeine effects, so please, dont let me near those caffeinated drinks.

4. i have a 3-hour class and a pharmaco lab tomorrow, and a seminar on sunday, and the next week, i'm going to move out to a new house, insyaAllah. and the next week is exam week. huh.

5. i totally need a mode of transportation. *hmmm*

6. i can't survive on RM3.oo for two days. lol.


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oh well. i choose to break the rules.


Dafrosty said...

coke bukan high in caffeine ke?

along said...

wah,mau juling kak wani ko kalo dia nmpk coke jenis itu :P

and whats dis u da rasa Jco dulu nehhhh?

xlarat ah nk bratur yg kat mesia nye..hihi~

cpt confirm tarikh pweash!
im coming with umie =D
girls day out..woohooo~!!

amy emyla said...

JCO...JCO...but i'm totally in diet!!!

huhu...the tagging business dh berkembsngkah???

korg dh nak pindah..bestnyer....n amy pon harap dpt gak pindah kat DR MANSUR BARU tu...INSYAALLAH...aminn:)

.cookie suria m. said...

sedapnye doughnut tu, d picts themselves da drive me nut *drooling*

jennyto said...

dafrosty : heheh.

along : tu laa sape soh duk mesia..duk indon ni melambak2. *exxagerating*

amy :
jom kite memeriahkan jln dato mansur baru...06 road!~

kuki : sgt sedap tauuu..heheh..