Saturday, March 08, 2008

+.::.+ sleeping +.::.+

abaikan the previous lenghty emo, dedicated to some persons entry.


do you guys love sleeping???

pasti right??!!!!

and especially students, tido tu amatlah berharge.

a totally precious time right!!!

here are some facts about sleeping!!

Sleep has been defined as a state of unconsciousness, with the eyes closed for rest.

Many medical personal recommend sleeping for at least eight hours a day. The number of sleeping hours we acquire for the purpose of resting depends upon age, employment and the individual´s state or condition. This is because the number of hours a child takes is a lot in comparison to an adult.

As for those who work using their brains, they will require far more sleep in comparison to those who perform physical work.
*tell that to USU, we need more sleep, not more tutorial cases. lol.*

Sleeping on one´s back is considered unhealthy.
This is because such an approach will place pressure on the spine, and can also lead to a weak bladder. Thos who curl up will not be able to breathe effectively. Sleeping on the left is also unhealthy as it will place pressure on the heart, preventing smooth blood circulation to the brain, which can lead to sad or frightful dreams. The best position of sleep is to lie on one´s right side.

Excessive sleep does not make us more active, but in fact does make us weak. Those who sleep a lot will weaken their hearts, increase their weight, waste their time, and acquire the attribute of laziness and carelessness. According to ´hukum´ excessive sleep is also considered something disliked (makruh) by Allah.

Allah´s Messenger (s.a.w.) has provided us with the best example of supplication before sleeping, namely:
a) Do not delay sleeping after the Isha´ Prayer, unless there is something important, such as the acquisition of knowledge, entertaining one´s guest etc. Narrated Abu Barzah (r.a.) that the Prophet (s.a.w.) disliked sleeping before Isha´.
b) To possess ablution prior to sleep. The Prophet (s.a.w.) is reported to have said, “If you are visited by sleep, perform ablution the way you perform it for prayer.”
c) Begin sleeping on your right side, for the Prophet (s.a.w.) has said to al-Barra< “Begin your sleep on your right side.”
d) Do not sleep on your back or on your tummy, because the Prophet (s.a.w.) has said, “Verily, sleeping on your tummy is similar to those who sleep in Hell.”
e) Make it a practice to recite supplications (doa) prior to sleeping and on waking up from sleep, as has been taught by the Prophet (s.a.w.).

a little reminder from me to me n everyone :)

[this article was taken from Islamic Da'wah Foundation Malaysia (YADIM)]


.cookie suria m. said...

owh tido,
saya pon suka!! \(^0^)/

Rinie said...

There is a research conduct showing that those who sleep 4-7 hours has a longer live span than who sleep less than 4 hours or more than 8 hours.

So sedang2 saja la kalo nak tdo.. seimbang beb..

anyway dah selesai problem ngilai?

jennyto said...

kuki : sape yg x suke ek?? hehe.

rins : program ngilai? apekah?

along said...


alang dgn tdo da sinonim.
takyah research2 bagai :P

program ngilai is, when u click utube,u akan ketawa mengilai2 :P


kan mister rins? *kembang idong satt*