Thursday, January 03, 2008

+.::.+ hanging by a moment +.::.+

finally. a stable internet connection, and a lappie. but not mine.
mine's still in the repair-zone.

evntho feeling a tad tired, i really miss showing off (haha) what an interesting holiday i am having.
despite having one black nite.
yeah. thank you.

anyway to the highlights!!

i came back. on the 6th, i think.
along jemput me at the LCCT. thanx along.
and that was my 1st ride in her tujohseploh thingy.

and being a generous sista, and an understanding one too,
she belanja me to the top of my most-wanted food list.
mac n cheese @ kenny.

thank you along. c betapa gumbiranya me.

the next three days, i was on my own, as my family was on vacation in Sarawak.
and i had a blast filling those times with friends *xOxO!* and along!

after that was meeting my cuzins at the KLIA, with the original purpose of seeing Pak Su's pham departure to the US. but with camera-fweak-along around, we end up taking pixx here and there, macamla kitorg yang nak depart. eheh.

then raya came. buleh tak, i totally forgot that during my hols ade raye??!!!
i end up with my MRSM's YEARS punye baju kurung, atau lebih dikenali ngan BAJU PREP!!
but knowing misz jennyto, ape pakai pun beauuutifull!!!~ eheh.

ehm tbe sy malas nak cite ngan lebih panjang.

ehm ehm.

jom gi ke kuantan terus arh.

the only reason for the obviously no caption pics is dat saye tgh penat. but happy.
penat but happy.
selamat jugak myvi tu ke kuantan.
thanx pada kawan2 yg luangkan mase.
eventho xdpt jumpe wani.
eventho achik n abboy xdpt ikot.
pada sue..sangat2 trimas for having me merempat di bilik kamu n temaning me around the campus despite having stomachache.
i just love u guys to d max!!
terubat winduuu!! :)
special thanx pada 2 orang dak gombak tuh.
saye mmg bengong jadi tahan2 je la ek. :)
n trimakasih for d buffdae gifts y'all.
infinite xo's,

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