Monday, January 07, 2008

+.::.+ circles +.::.+

this is the typical jennyto.
when she's rajenn. she will be damn rajenn.
mule lah update blog nya hari-hari.
bile malas.
huh kesian lak tgk blog die neh.

before orang2 di YM menggangu her idea untuk berblog.
before die lupe ape die nak blog.
which, i think i already has forgotten.

but i think it had to do with Malaysian spirit and be thankful that u are Malaysian.
something that had to do with the food.
( i know along will roll her eyes on the above statement ).
something that had to do with the technology achievement.
( refer to my current YM status ).

well since die dah pun lupe.
actually die dah hilang idea.
jennyto would like to wish all USU students:

here are the list of subjects we will be taking this sem,
BHP 442
CHP 340 (i'm not so sure lah)
CRP 440
CSP 241
CVS 146
DMS 146
RTS 145

ila wud say: gile kentang banyaknye!!


along said...

makaaaaaaaaaaaaan je keje.
its like da abes makan, dia da pk nk mkn ape next.


Abdullah Zainal Abidin said...

hello tak faham ogayh your courses.

jennz said...

along : well u wud behave d same if u r gona live d nex 6 months without em. heh.

dollah : hehe im too lazy to write the courses titles. :p