Monday, June 11, 2007

+.::.+ so over it +.::.+

actually ryt now tgh debating either nak kua shoppink or not. well bukan shopping i'm buying the stuff i need. not wanting~

but then there are 2 reason naper x kua2 lagi ney...
1. ayah tinggalkan naza ria. well i can drive that bulky thing,no doubt. TAPI...the thought of parking, making turns at the parking lot...huuu malaslah...tunggu sok jelah, hopefully umie x bawak myVi to her school~
2. still hadn't heard from dinie n pika about some stuff that we've planned. well diorang yg plan, i just go along with it. if the plan jadik then i'm off to sumwhere someday in this week.

so the reason i haf to kua is??
1. the plan that they've planned, need something that needs to be bought. lol.
2. i badly need a new pair of shoes. asek went around with along's glittering red flipflops. thanx~
3. meet diel. her hols are nearly over n i am yet to meet up,or even talk to her~
4. simply.

well move on.
before this, i've heard of my distant-friends getting married (heck ader dah yang mengandung)... tapi siape sangke when one of ur close friends are getting on the wagon too??? (ape maksudneh dak jenn oii)
huu..well she's just getting engaged. engaged kan? =tunang. but still, that makes her unfit for the unofficial STCMO club (founders : pika and dins *they have so much time to think bout these ek*). this weekend is her nearly-big day...and i wonder what friends do at the ceremony. hehee.. 1st timer neh~
sangat terharu aa wani. imagine just knowing her 2 years ago..not exactly 2 years laa..nearly 2 years...nak tulis entry pasal dier panjang2..tunggu laa buffdae kamu, or on the big day itself.
huhu~sape sangke dah nak jadi sumone's other half dah...

and also a special shout out of happy 21st birthday to cikPoNNie yang menjadi habuan kangaroo di Australia saner~ hepi buffdae dearie!!! jangan lupe tanah air tau~

okay so the conclusion is??
x jadi laa kua...dah kul 11.30 pun...x sempat aa nak jemput d jambul-freak-zaki nnti..huhu...


alongariff said...

nggak keren aa kerna nggak bisa mandu naza ituh.

chill k?
kawan kamu tu brtunang je.
tapaya excited-excited bangat.

jennz said...

alongariff : skati i laa~ mmg xcited pun pasal ape2 pun involving them, haha!!!!