Tuesday, June 05, 2007

+.::.+ 2 little 2 l8 +.::.+

huhu...cuti2 ni sgt mengenangkan myself about the 1st time I write an entry for this dearie bloggie~
teringat lagi how i was supposed to study the books for the USU selection test tapi i malas sgt...bkn malas..tapi cam boring biler asek2 x paham kan...wth is garis jenjang, kandung kernih and all that...but now sumernye dah clear =p.

huhu its true..hols like this yg bwat i switch to the otherside, the 'mule la pk bukan2' side, n felt the total boredom contaminating this house of mine.
rase cam "aaargh!!!!".

neway to my dearie bloggie~ hepi belated 1st buffdae..which falls on the 29th of May...
lalala~its not too late kan dearie bloggie~. ahaxs.

a year full of challanges, baek to my studies, also to my self...mostly to my innerself..i've changed a bit, and some changes i dont even like. i've done many stupid mistakes in this one year, most of it i didn't record in this blog, but it remain in my...ape ek...the part of the brain which controls our memory..hehee...basal ganglia kah? neway...i did try to make everything right again, mend relationships and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT for the wrong things that I've done.

Recently, sorry eyh dearie bloggie for d nonchalant updates coz i felt this enormous and gigantic M-illness coming over me. or orang melayu kater, penyakit Malas. lol. so i think i will take this opportunity to make this hols meaningful. eventho from my home je.

If we could be twice young and twice old we could correct all our mistakes.- Euripides

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