Sunday, March 04, 2007

+.::.+ the el nino situation +.::.+

i had a terribly ruff week,well almost every one are. but i'd like to call my ruff week as an 'el-nino' week. yes.
el nino had occured. here right smack in my face. to me.

E. Enuff-wif-people-syndrome. Why are my Indonesian classmate are terribly noisy?? Can't they keep quiet? Every chance they get, they would make a intolerable noise. and I do mean EVERY chance they cud get. Ugh. Enuff with them. Also enuff with my housemates yang tah ape kene ngan diorang...baek bile diperlukan je. Siap x mo kawan si dia ni lah, si dia itu lah. Huh. Miss UIA where everyone is accepted as who the person is.
L. Lost. My precious pink payung. ugh. kepanasan dan kehitaman dan kepeluhan la ku lepas ney...and also..I felt like I'm losing sum1..I just been thru a lot alone, and I'm sure he's been thru something not quite similar,but also hard times..but I just cant take the silence times of not heard-ing anything from him. I..don't know what else to say.

N. N***ah. The name of a 2nd year senior yang tibe marah I kat cafe. \('_#) Accusing me of something SHE doesn't know. and better yet,she's the SAME AGE as me, but humbly, I said ; "akak,begini sebenarnye..". To blab all about her here is an awesome thing to do, but I don't do that. And one more thing, pray for me that those intelligent people don't know how to access this blog OR they don't have time to browse till they accidently stumble upon my friendster page. LOL.
I. Inbox. My handphone inbox. I thought I've deleted all HIS messages that used to make me smile, but somehow magically, there's still some more. When I accidently read them once again, I feel...urm...kinda miserable.I totally hate that feeling.
N. N**m. Another name, different gender. I thought he's so over me. i never knew that it just got worse. Imagine you being on his wallpaper. SCARY! I really cant take it anymore. Of all the clear signs I gave him, why he never take it? Leave me already!!
O. Ouse. or house. Achik just can't never gets me these days. I always end up feeling annoyed,coz I cant say what I wanna say. You know I just cant keep myself from saying what I wanted. To tell you the truth I cant just pindah to a new house with her alone, she and I are the worse decision maker ever, and when I dah tebalkan muke asking people to pindah with them, achik said she just couldn't possibly make friends with them. okayyy. whatever. I dah tebalkan muke banyak dah to carik rumah, and ah. malas tul!

So there. I just really cant wait for march to be over. Bila April tiba...pika ngan dinie pun tiba...yeay!!!

Alright enuff with bad news kan...highlights :
  • nice SUMATIF marks v(^o^)v
  • new tote bag-indon style
  • someone trying to cheer me up day in day out. thanks
  • downloading switchfoot bootlegs (click here to check it out, foot amigos~even switchfoot themselves thought it's cool, as they are only producing 100 bootlegs after each gig)
  • korean fantasy. someone persuade me to watch this. the fantasy-love-story-thingy. I dont like them much actuall, coz they are too far from reality, but still can't help smiling when the hero and heroin are finally together. \(^o^)/


alongariff said...

hang in there,makcek.

el-nino datang dan pergi mcm itu saje. without u realising it.

be happy.
try to be happy.

jennz said...

thxss :)

just need sum1 who can understand me to talk to..