Tuesday, February 27, 2007

+.::.+ where's me? +.::.+

no. im not asking aout mE a.k.a along.

im asking bout me-self. im very tired and stress out ryte now, and achik is so not helping.

im frustrated with myself n d situation here.

why o why did i cant e like other people-just studying?

sick. i need klcc-between classes with dinie or spent ur money on something u like. thinghy (way to go dins for d new shuz, kewl-ness!) or laying girlishly wif pika n shewa gossiping for hours. or pouring ur heart out to sue. or ponteng klas tgk wayang. tapi nk tgk cite pe?? wayang pun bkk slllllooooowww gle...baek pegi klas.

blaze dah kua. but im so malas to sell it. so wat.

so what!

wtv. enuff asek thn ngan perangai orang. mmg patut bersabar. but heck. ugh.

nk lepas geran pun xde tempat. buhsan!



dins said...

genito,jgn la tensen2.nnt april saye pegi medan,kite shopping sam2 eh!walaupun kamu ckp medan xde tpt shopping best.huhu.hang in there bebeh!

alongariff said...

ape salahnye kalo pk pasal mE?