Monday, March 05, 2007

+.::.+ aftermath +.::.+

well i never tot a 20 year old person cud cry badly. now i know, even adults cry.
I cried sooo badly last nyte till my eyes were swollen like what and take 3 phone calls and 4 hours to recover.

and i also got my answer for the question "what would you do if the only person that can make you stop crying is the one making you cry?"

you just go back to them. no matter how i tried not to bother that sum1 anymore, no matter how hard i tried to stay away from matter what, in the end it is always him who can make me smile and feel everything is allright. the glorious thing about friendship that you couldn't find anywhere.

I miss the spactees terribly and i never knew it could affect me deeply. It seems like they are now are part of my family, as real sisters. Sangat rase tak complete when they are not around. Thanks dinie shewa and pika for layaning me thru my bad times. I'm making a countdown to 10th of April!!!

I also miss sum1 yang usually makes me 'excessively happy'. But I often want to stay away from him coz I feared that I might me the one who's heart will be heart-broken. Well sekarang pun dah sedih cam hape. But last nite cam selesaikan everything,melepaskan all my frustration..I know i'm not a good listener..that credit shud go to this person. Sorry kaco kamu jek. Tak sudah2 menyusahkan kamu.

No matter what happens kan...our family will always be there for us...our susah and senang...
along..sangat thank you melayan adek kamu yang perangai tak menentu sjak datang ke indon yang unstable ini...umie and ayah pun...I know i've asked for it..well-deserved kan..haha.

well. how do you like my new easily-picked-out layout? ahaxs.


Anonymous said...

udah2 ya nanges..

dins said...

kamu.april pasti akan bawa kebahagiaan kepada kamu.just make sure kamu ade VLC media player/BS player ye.hehe.wait for it!!! ;)