Wednesday, January 03, 2007

+.::.+ omg! +.::.+


funny. i remember i had survived broken friendships, trust betrayal, and even murder attempt.

murder attempt. just kidding!

anyway. once i told myself, i'm gonna bounce back from anything. i dunt know why i forget that.
but now,pushing all d neggies-tots aside, (even one wif deleting this blog to avoid seeing how frustrated and sick-minded i was)..i'm seeing the other side. u know, opposite the dark side (forgive me but i've been star wars-demam lately,no thx to star movies)...

back to my ceria-self. xkesah ape org pk...i love myself n myself. haha.

actually thx to my spact8 sisters 4 cheering me up..n keQ as well!!

ps heppi belated aidiladha..belated new year...belated capex...belated beloved..belated azkeey...and belated tatty!!!! sowie!!!!!!! =(

"If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend." --- Stone Temple Pilots


alongariff said...

layout kite same kaler ke?
maka saya x tiru anda okei?

jennz said...

hehe guwau je laa..

it shows dat gr8 minds think alike!!