Wednesday, January 31, 2007

+.::.+ hey! +.::.+

i've just done my TOEFL test today. i hope the result is some of it i bantai.

neway USU has disconnected their wireless. or so the rumour has it.

my histo lab yesterday was 3 hours straight and it was totally tiring.

tomorrow is another tutorial meeting. i had enuff wif the lecturer yang berat seblah. i hope he's better tomorrow and really listen to who and what we are saying.

u know when i'm writing in short sentences,i'm in cc. yeah. back to the cc. there's a new one.
kinda expensive kot. cz tadi fizan was here and he has to pay for 6thou. i dont know la how long he's been here.

em kinda wishing either one of my spactees sista would be on9. but well sape suro x bgtau derang kan?

well dins i miss u. jgn la kate gitu. u never mentioned u wanna meet me in ur fs wut? even lah kite ek. hah but cipoi. or the striked cipoi. heh. got some mentioned ryte? :p

raja came up with a new blaze theme yesterday,for february issue, that is "tak de idea issue".
yeah ryte. huhu. sumatif exam is on the 12th. then nak carik rumah. probably wif the jpa gurls(adek2ku yg chumil,ayu dan ape yek itu).

i need a wardrobe makeover. coz i totally bosan looking at it now. sian achik have to dgr my rants everyday. ape2jela. maybe skejap je kot buhsan neh. haha.

u remember bout the guy at usu? he's okay now. coz he's totally avoiding me. kewl. not that i'm glad or whatsoever. but at least he moved on. it's not that i'm so stucked up that i dont wana be frens wif him. tapi i'm totally not liking his jiwang mssgs. puke.

yesterday i'm actually in a bad mood. dunt know why. thanx to this particular fwen who somehow naekkan my spirit. sowry ganggu u in class. it's amazing how u noe something's wrong wif me even i didnt say so.

emm okayla actually got tuto work..slacker. haha. coming achik!


Anonymous said...

huh.. naper shoutbox tak der.. hoho.. heh!

dins said...

yo.i missed ya babe.u so dont need a wardrobe makeover.but i do!i'm bored wearing baju kurung to class.oso jeans.can i wear like short skirt n spag strap?haha.mwah!

shamilamz said...

mane tag board.. hehek. im back. blog's updated. take care hun. i miss u!