Tuesday, January 09, 2007

+.::.+ believe +.::.+

i cant believe i'm sick.

i cant believe i've to spend my last 3 daes in malaysia in bed.

i cant believe the amount of meds the doc gave me.

i cant believe it.

but believe it or not, sick or not, i'm going to shop today.

and believe it or not. it's zaki's buffday today...and i forgot to wish him this morning.

well happy birthday monkey!!! semoge kurang laa nakal anda...

jgn asek men game jeh..

this hols has its ups n downs for me but the 'ups' somehow does make up for the 'downs'

i'm glad that i've met each one of the spactees sisters

i'm glad i've met keQ n borak cam hape je

i'm glad i had 2 servings of macaroni n cheese

i'm glad that jpa's money masuk (meaning : less suffering)

i'm glad i'm going back with a new semangat..somehow i lost it when i finished exam last block.

well.life ain't perfect...so just make the best of everything!!! =)

Good friends are like shooting stars....You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

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