Sunday, January 14, 2007

+.::.+ california +.::.+

remember the o.c 's soundtrack..the unmistakable tune..." we come..."
well..i'm in the o.c. 'cept that it stands for 'the other country' not 'orange county'. heh.

i've just done registration for this new semester. believe me when i said, the registration is a hard and gruelling process. yes it did. i nearly fainted. not exxagerating.
recovering from my so-bad flu, achik said the glucose level in my blood had somehow depleted.

and everyone comments on how i became thinner. crazy! i am not getting any thinner. but..i think i had. due to the flu..kan?

neway this semester is all work-no play kinda thing. this 1st part of the block we will study all about the control system. the histology,anatomy,physiology and pharmacology of it. includes all the endocrine system and such. well i must get ready for a no-play month. which is hard. huhu.

i miss malaysia n the people i used to see and contacted. the food and the internet connection.
hehee. till then...

'love is when two people who care for each other get confused'

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dins said...

i wish i had the willpower (?) in me to write something for my blog everyday,like u do.stupid kuantan,no wireless connection.haha.blaming other factors.nway babe,i mish ya!