Friday, January 19, 2007

+.::.+ CNS block +.::.+

Okay so how am going to start this entry? Coz there’s so much to say.

The 1st half of the week has been challenging to me as I have to battle the flu that I had, and still,going to class from morning to late afternoon. Everyday from Monday till Wednesday, I had came home with a mind-wrecking,head-throbbing and body(and butt!) –aching. I took paracetamol,sleep and that’s basically how my day will end. ‘Cept if I woke up and had the energy(or the willpower.ahaxs) to revise back or prepare for the next day’s lesson.
On Thursday it’s still the same, but I told myself that I better not swallow any paracetamol anymore. I don’t want my body to depend so much to it. The result? I slept the whole night.
On Friday,well that’s today, I braced myself for the last day of the lecture days of the week. Yes, this week we had the Saturday off.

Next week will be another hustle-bustle week, I hope my health level will increase to normal…I can’t stand the suffering of my headache anymore. Next week we probably had to sit for TOEFL. If a person get 450 and above,they will be exempted from the class and will be taking another class. I wish for the best for me, whether had to sit for the class or be exempted from it.

My bahasa Indonesia class has started and we are learning about the history of it. When the time of before-colonial(?),at the time of it and after it. Well this is another class I hope will be easy.

Physiology on Thursday had been boring. Why? Because another lecture had entered the class and he teaches without continuity. So you just don’t seem to know the head and tail of the story. That is something that I have to carik more info this weekend…. My imagination has run wild during the class that I imagined the wall infront of me crashed and switchfoot appeared and sang ‘oh! Gravity’ for me the moment the lecturer said ‘gravity’! hehee..

Owkay what more can I say…I just have another 5 minutes then I have to prepare for class. I’m so glad this week is ending, I’ve learned sooo much about the central nervous system and hopefully the peripheral nervous system next week will be..urm..easier?
Hehee something for me to find out.

Owait class over..and guess what, I drank during pharmacology and the lecturer LOOKED at me. Really looked at me. Shoot. I forgot about the pharmacology lecturer’s rules. Heh.

Till then~ be healthy!

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."
--- Winnie the Pooh

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dins said...

gray's anatomy cool juge.for u med students,i guess.but for me,i dont have to know gray's anatomy from cover to cover.i cherish grey's anatomy more!haha.mwax.
p/s:aku dh start update blog.well,for this 1 week vacation at least.hehe.njoy!