Friday, July 01, 2011

sunatan sunathon sunat sunaaaat! wajib.

what a long meaningless title. hehe.
but you geddit right?
sunat = khitan = circumcision.

alhamdulillah last Wednesday, in conjunction with holiday in honour of Isra' Mi'raj,
most of the PPDS and the dokter muda *ehemehem* and medical students are involved in sunatan massal.
their aim is about 3000 young boys to be circumcised during that day.
but of course,
dimanaaaa tenaga medisnyyyyaaaa...

so those yang udah bisa can be an operator, & teaching their friends at the same time.
I managed to be one.
It was an opportunity not to be missed.

iha & febrina

iela & fara

iha seronok since it was her 1st time

the team : iha, me & febrina
we managed to do 5.  penatttttt pastuhhh.
we met a lot of people with deifferent attitude.
one thing i learned that we must know how to handle people. especially dramatic ones. T_T.



aiichan said...

lol i remember my first experience, which is the first and only.

i was reciting surah for the boy, supposedly to make him less nervous. but it was too loud. as tho i was the one who was anxious. ahaha.

Anonymous said...

nape budak ortho x dipanggil skali...s0deihh s0deih..hahaaa

it's jenn. said...

aiichan : haha that was hilarious. i was quiet, focusing on what to do, but then i remembered one boy told his mom, "ngak pake perasaan orang ini". T_T we're focusing! i wish i cud GA him rather than local! hahaha.

emma : jgn sodeih sodeih...ade peluang lagi tu insyaAllah....
tak kemane anak2 medan ni hehe..dgr cite budak obgyn punkne paggil haritu...

miEza said...

wahh jen terer 'menyunatkan' orang laa..ihiksss!!=p

it's jenn. said...

miEza : x terer sgt pun...biase biase je...insyaAllah... :)