Sunday, July 03, 2011

day 1 : breakfast : introduction & karipap

salam. a bit much of me to do a teaser eyh?
actually i am feeling rather bored with the usual hospital-home routine.
and i feel like i need to challenge myself.
i tried all the sports activity. swimming, jogging, futsal yada yada.
it was fun, but not fulfilling. hehe.

so i think & think, let's cook!
i will learn something new, & i got to eat summore!
i'm not trying to cook fancy things,
just some stuffs that i like to eat...& are hard to find here in Medan!

so let's roll.
for the first entry, i choose to learn how to make karipap (curry puff) from norasliza.
she was the only person who i know cud make a karipap in a breeze.
thank you 4 teaching me dear friend!!!!

so here's how it done.

steps in making the exoskeleton of karipap.

a. divide the flour into two compartments.
b. one u dough it with water, one with margarine.
c. make small balls of the yellow dough & put it into the white dough. make a ball out of it.
d. flatten the dough (the one with the yellow inside it) & cut half so that u can roll it into e.
e. roll it & pull it a bit (u might wanna ask how to do this, it is rather complicated). once u have the elongated version (not in picture) roll it & cut in halves. Flat the halves & they are ready for you to put any kind of filling. you can put sardine, potatoes or anything inside it!
f. make sure the sides are flatten throughly
g. 'kelim' the sides. it's rather hard for 1st timers.
f. fry it!

i am sooooooooo happy that i have learned how to make a karipap! no more frozen karipap to fry, i can make it all by myself!! huahuahua.

i am not opening a cooking class here, just mere reporting that i have cooked! hehe. so if u wanna try, u cn ask in the comment column! or just DM tweet me! ngee.


kayna said...

nak karipappp!!!!:D

it's jenn. said...

kayna : batch ni da habis la...nnti next time i'll try to pass some 4 you keh!!