Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 2 : breakfast : nasi lemak

Salam. I'm back with the 30 days challenge.
Been a bit busy with week 9 of surgery department.

Nasi lemak is a very popular Malaysian dish. So if you're a Malaysian & you went somewhere that nasi lemak is unavailable, macamane? Masaklah!
It is an easy pheasy cooking.
Kalau tak tahu, malu.

always yummy!
the ingredients.
Haha i don't need to elaborate how to cook okeyh?
#1 it's easy pheasy.
#2 I'm a bit in hurry.

See you guys in the next entry!


sapphire said...

30dayschallenge? menarik...
mcm Julis & Julia plak :)

lepas nih resepi apa plak..?

it's jenn. said...

sapphire : inspired. but lack of time to update.
next recipe: surprise! hehehe.