Monday, July 04, 2011

Sunat. Again?

all smiles.
salam. after the previous sunatan massal,we never thought that 2 days after that we will be call back again, to do another round. i am even more confident to do it now!!!

it was at another place, & this time I teamed up with a PPDS, dr Said. He was cool. Like super cool. Coz we did like 10 boys before lunch!!! I learned a lot that day. Yeay!! Even this is my fourth time joining this kind of thing, I still think that I need to learn a lottttttttttt! (emphasize on the LOT.) We managed to do 13 boys. With the total boys involved on this day 103. Phew. 

at the PT. PLN (spot me!)

the two seated in front are the PPDS.
that's abg Said & kak Septi.
Thank you 4 all d experience given!

Alhamdulillah on the opportunity given. I am very thankful indeed.

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