Sunday, November 30, 2008

+.::.+ twilight +.::.+

r u caught up with the twilight phenomenon yet?
if ur not, im sure u will!!

here in Medan, english storybooks are scarce. seriously.

even the Harry Potter final book only last 2 weeks at Gramedia.
after that came out the Indonesian version of it, and the original (read : english) version are gone.
like that.

along...leh pesan tak buku2 ni...?

i dont read ebooks much, 'cept when doin tutorial reports, and the need to refer to many books and of course I didnt buy 2 or 3 books for one study block, so ebooks are the answer. (dat is thank you to friends that supplied the references.)

anyway, twilight has hit Medan screen last night.
It was a full house, and no I wasnt able to purchase a tix.

edward cullen = cedric diggory!! *awesome!*

cz im know there are people out there who aren't accessible to english storybooks (like me!)
and people who dont have enough money to buy em!
sep punye pasal...

here are the four books for u guys to download n enjoy!!

twilight the series!
click here!

just make sure u have microsoft reader.
if u dont. install it.
its free.

click here to install microsoft reader

later peeps!


nadiahib said...

hey jen.. hihi. u like the book x?

i rs cita dia cm jiwang sgt laaaa.. x emphasize kt vampire sgt.. disappointing sket disitu yaa..

but it wud b great to find a man like edward kn? keke.. :P

DANI YASID said...

hahaha.betul jen. im so in love with edward cullen. im reading the 2nd moon. me crazy wey. hoepfully ade sambung to the banyak sgt yg dier cut.lots of scene yg best diaorg x masukkan.

jennyto said...

agreed..! hehe

my two SKTPJ fwens...

xoxo!! :)

Anonymous said...

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