Sunday, November 23, 2008

+.::.+ its not forever, no chris brown +.::.+

i know, i know.

i've not been here for, like, ages.

n i let my bdae went just like that.

not like matematismuda or szakif or even emma with their happening bdae tales news.


im still trying to decide whether to be fakingly positive over here.

or just being a pain in the ass.

i dont like to throw a tantrum in my blog and spit all my angst here.

i mean, i dont mind if anybody would like to tell how much they hate A n B.

but i just simply cant.

its because my feelings are just to complicated to be weaved on words.

other than my internet has some issues with my 1.9kg thingy.

i'll be back.
but when, im not sure.

infinite x's and o's to those who called me their friends, and meant that well.


Szakif said...

busy with study?

As said...

masalah tenet + dengan kengkawan ??

nothing i cud do, only my prayers, are always for u

MAy Allah ease ur path :)

D said...

i wrote a long, long comment td, but maxis buat hal. tak ingat dah saye tuleh ape, coz pjg sgt!

but the whole point of the comment is:

screw those people who are making your life miserable. you are a terrific girl who deserves terrific things in life, that is, inclusive of people you surround yourself with. don't knock yourself jz because of one (or a whole group) miserable person who can't seem to see other people being happy. jealousy is silly. so is childish games.

hang in there kiddo!

kalau saye kat sane dgn kamu, mmg saye dah declare war dgn diorg2 tu.
fret not my dear. i always win.

Matematis Muda said...

seram o dgn D
take care jenn

jennyto said...

szakif : huuu i shud be.

as : thank u as. thank u.

D : can i say dat i love u soooo much n how i wish i am with u instead with these ppl who dont even know how friends are spelled.

i love u d. to the fullest.

matematismuda a.k.a exku :
huu tq.

D said...

ekceli, i want to write a serious reply, but when i read what you wrote 'matematismuda a.k.a exku' terus tergelak besar tak jadi nak tulis serius2.
korang ni la kann..
public sungguh! :P

jennyto said...

hee. tak sedar sendiri juge bwk masalah. tgk skang, wahai matematismuda,
calon boyf ku sume suda lari karena dikaaaaaaaaau.


sy tak rase papepon akcheli. hehe.

Anonymous said...


jennyto said...

woohoo. ape masalah awak anon?

freak gler tinggal msg konon anonymous padahal pengecut.

wek. :p