Sunday, June 01, 2008

+.::.+ OSCE fever +.::.+

makan , tido , bangun OSCE!

OSCE = Objective Structured Clinical Examination

last paper.
and u don't want to fail it.
not when the remedial paper is the last paper of them all.
which will makes you went home later than everyone else.

unlike last semester, this sem's OSCE has TEN BLooDY station.

1) Tindakan Asepsis/Antisepsis (Keterampilan Bedah Dasar I)
it involves showing the steps for washing the hands the right way.
by the right way it means according to WHO Guigelines on Hand Hygiene and Health Care.
nothing to fear. basuh2. show them the right way to wear the gloves and done.

2) Penatalaksanaan Luka Awal
this one involves the early stage in how to treat a wound. Give the patient a little antiseptic solution, and inject a little anesthetic solution intracutaneously, then clean the wound by applying some solution such as the physiologic (NaCl 0.9%) and hydrogen peroxide, stop the bleeding if there were any (using the hemostatic clamp) and wash it all away with the antiseptic solution

3) Teknik Penjahitan Luka
there are two types of wound sutures that we learn. and thankfully only one would be tested, and that is the 'simple interrupted' type. I hope I manage to produce a nice tight suture during the exam. Jangan menggigil k jennyto.

4) Anamnese Mengenai Kelainan Kulit
Anamnese or anamnesis is history taking. It's one of the hardest part actually, when you got little communication skill, and a disorganized mind. You got to be able to classify the 'keluhan-keluhan' from the patient and investigate (Onset, Location, Duration, Characteristic, Aggreviation, Radiation, and apetah lagi..tak ingat), and jotting it down at the same time. You need to be cool all the same at the that time. aaaah.

5) Pemeriksaan Fisik Jantung Pada Orang Dewasa
This is the physical dioagnostic test which includes, observation, inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation. This is one of the station that I fear, Cz my hand are somewhat tak reti nak percuss. Tak bunyi. Chet. How to identify the differences between the sounds when there is no sounds produce. aih.

6) Pembacaan Foto Toraks dan Jantung
Look at the X-ray. Is it normal? Is the costophrenicus and cardiophrenicus sinus well defined? What borders the heart in the X-ray? The CTR (cardiothoracic ratio) value?

7) Cara Pembacaan EKG
Read the damn ECG and tell me, what is the heart rate, Is the QRS complex normal? Is the ST segment normal? The axis of QRS, the duration of PR, bla bla.

8) Pemeriksaan Fisik Paru
This differs a little bit from (5)

9) Pembacaan Foto Toraks Normal
This differs a little bit from (6) as this doesn't involve the heart, it focuses on the lungs.

10) Pewarnaan BTA dengan Ziehl Neelsen.
BTA is acid-fast bacteria. In Indonesia it stands for Bakteri Tahan Asam (BTA).

Penat da menaip. Nak menghafal 10 bende di atas.

Wish me luck!!!


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