Saturday, June 14, 2008

+.::.+ filsafah adik budak konkrit +.::.+

adik kepada budak konkrit

since along busy telling her pertualangan in Medan, i figured out that i'll do a spin off of her concrete girl philosophy. not to mention amy yang siap cerite history of the pulau jerjak..
saye pun nak bercerite ttg cuti ku!!
well, it's nothing much, but i'm glad that somehow, dalam 30mins messaging, i manage (actually it's diel who manage it, i just gave her the idea, oh wait, its her idea. lol) to gather five of my closest high schoolmates!!
eventhough we had only one afternoon to spend, kitorang still semangat, since :
1) anis, who we all hadn't see in 3 years, was home and agreed to go out with us!
2) diel a.k.a dila, was leaving for her maktab the next day. wooooo!
3) ruky, who just arrived from IIUM Gombak that morning, said she gladly will follow, and readily push aside her tired-ness.
4) nabila, who is not always free was free that day!
5)jennyto, who is a darling and being missed much by her friends has agreed to pick them all up. :p
so dah jemput2 semua..nak pegi mane??
since ruky (who said that she had already eaten McD and KFC) said she is hungry, and beside, we are en route to nowhere, we stopped at A&W.
guess who was there??
a former classmate too!!
haih. small world kan, amir?

i'm not satisfied lepak-lepaking in the a&w.
firstly, i dont LUV a&w, as written in the backgroud of the picture.
secondly, a&w tak menarek la nak posing2!! hahaha!!!


jennyto : jom aa pegi lake garden!

so here we are, gigem* semuanya.


bek2!! jgn jatuh!! ade buaye!!!

coba cari bintang...

anis : hmm..x btol ni korang tangkap gambar aku..

ye, kami pon poyo.

da maghrib. sile pulang.

heh. eventho it's only a short meet-up session. i'm glad we have it.

tah bile lakk nak jumpe lagi kannnnnnn.

c u wen i c u!!!

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