Monday, June 09, 2008

+.::.+ best of both worlds +.::.+

along yg nak beli tapi da pokai :p

i know, i know.

i promised that i would do the seven-thingy-tag by matematismuda.

but lets tangguh dat a bit okay.

I'm safely home in Malaysia, after being in Medan for like 5 months.

suprisingly, there are a few things in Medan that I longed for here in Malaysia. alongness maybe could say that she longed for her Teh Botol (she could really be the commercial for the Teh Sosro tagline : "apa pun makannya...minumnya Teh Botol") and umie wud nicely say, no thank you, I prefer Malaysia. hehe.

housies (liza chantek + nisah + fara + umie) wif along
ummi helping ielalalala choosing the kain batikss

their short stay here has been tiring for me, as I had deal to with the aftermath of the exam results, the house issues, as I said earlier, and my own personal emotional-related problems (there would always be this for jennyto, izzit?)

as i would always keep this self-inflicted problem to myself, no way you guys would know it. LOL.

i can't quite explain what i miss about Medan, but hey let's focus on the things that I've longed in Malaysia for the past 5 months k.

I've arrived at LCCT-KL on late Sunday morning, and i'm glad a cheery, clear, blue sky greeted me upon descending the plane. Not to mention someone who had this glee effect on me talked to me during the walk to terminal. (dem, there are so many people who can make me go smiling tak sudah2)

@ bandara (airport) Polonia

Anyway, sampai2, memang takdelah kelibat si jaed ngan MatematisMuda kan..

cakap je lebeyh :p

since ummi rambles on how she glad she is living in Malaysia, i kept quiet in the car and enjoy the view. I remembered when I first arrived in Medan. Unappreciative, comparative. But jauh di sudut hatiku, somewhere, I was a micro nano-menyesal, offended.


is jennyto feeling at home now in Medan?

I don't know.

What I know is that I learnt to be thankful, tak kesahlah di mana I am. Let it be in Medan, or in Seremban, or in Kuantan (aih, ade pape ke?) , or in Dublin sekalipun, you should be thankful. Biarlah keadaan seteruk manepun, I am sure there is a blessing in disguise.

I learnt not to say that this thing is better than the other thing, cause who are we to judge? It is as it is. We could try to improvise on some things, but we have to accept the fact that yang berkuasa tu bukan kite. kan?


tbe kan.

half housies nak balik dulu!~

anyway, being on hols back made me remembers my previous year-end hols. the one with the something-terrible-i-dont-want-to-talk-about-it but made me promise to have a blast on my 2nd year in Medan.

So i've finished my 2nd year. I did have a blast, and i'm gonna continue having it. My hols are somewhat shorter than last years', but let's make it memorable for the next 6 month!!

start dengan Bismillah...


tbe rase macam entry ini meaningless. haih.

till then!~


Matematis Muda said...

kat LCCT ke?
ritu jenn suh tunggu kat KLIA..
kentut betul jenn neh!

kui kui kui
kat sana ada roti canai tak?

along said...

i guess now u know why i was quiet most of the time.

becos sumhow i felt offended too.
tapi sabar je lah.
sabar bebanyak.

enjoy ur hols,dear sis :)

jaed said...

er... lenkali jalan dgn mulot muncong dalam airport tuh, senang nak cam.. :P

jennyto said...

matematismuda : biler plak! kentut la anda neh!! penat tunggu tau!

along : ahaha. kamu njoy x medan sbenarnye? kalo ye, meh la dtg lagi, i bwk u jln2 utk diri sendiri. :p

jaed : penat la nk muncong je jaed oi..

szakif said...

wah!!! udah sampai melaysia!! selamat datang.. hu~

ape plan cuti ni? kitorang cuti tinggal sebulan je ni. :->

along said...

enjoy bangat hokeh.
sangat enjoy.
i wanna go there for the food again!!

if only some would try to adapt rather than comparing most of the time.

termengumpat plaks.

jennyto said...

szakif : nak melawat besfren anda tuh..dinienajwa!!!!!!! haha..cuti kitorg pon sebulan jerk.

along : glad u did!! jom gi makan2 till bonchet okey?? eh. nanti jadi cam jaed plak. hahaha.

jennyto said...
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Memey Anuar said...

nak gi gakkk!
i went to medan few years back.

medan is being medan la. Kalau medan tu mcm KL, whats the point pegi jauh2 utk tpt yg sama dgn sini? Get me?

Nak pegi lagi. Nak beli lace... hehe