Sunday, May 25, 2008

+.::.+ satu bintang +.::.+

i have exactly 30 minutes to update this blog. lol.

i like to time myself. i like to divide my the hour into two and sometimes made unrealistic time frame for me to finish a job. haha.

for example, i wake up at 5, then, by 5.30 i must already siap mandi, solat and ngaji and already sitting in front of the notes. by 6, i must achieve reading something, my bag is packed for the day, and my stomach is already filled with something. by 6.30 i must finished cleaning up my room and ready for class at 7.

oh shoot. 5 minutes gone babbling about time. :p

sedikit curhat(curahan hati) di sini :




oh well i was never good at pouring my heart out.

a girl's mind is a complicated one.

but in this case i know better.

sometimes life just ain't fair.

dis sister of mine had been trying to figure out how in the world to cool me down. but how can she if i never told her what is really happening?

who says we must fight fire wif fire kan? haruslah dengan air.

until then, i hope that i will be tough untuk TIDAK melayan perasaan anda-anda yang rasa lebih
superior dari saya. superior from what sense pon i tak tahu lah. but i think people who has the superior feeling je would do whatever they want and be fishly friends (along nye kekdah la ni :p) with you the next minute.


it's exam time now!!!!

and how glad i am after the respiratory block exam yesterday, which i totally don't want to talk about it, except thanks to you guys yang discuss PAQ (problem analysis questions)
before the paper...cause they totally help!!

i totally heart Shia LaBeouf. and i totally love Indiana Jones. My parents has exposed my siblings to them since the time of jennyto masih hingusan. So it made me agak kecewa when after the exam, i went to the cinema and all the tickets, i mean ALL, even the midnight ones, are sold out.
macam ticket SuperSaver MAS.

(aih tibe teringat tiket balik belum beli ni..xnak balik ke..?)

xper. maybe next time.
so jalan-jalan la di Sun Plaza.
macam xder tempat lain je kan.
and suddenly Ya Allah.

my heart just go from mildly fibrillated (due to the sold out tickets) to normal (window shopping therapy) and back to fibrillated state when...

oh i just can't talk about it.

it made me balik awal from Sun.

My sweet next door neighbour, messaged me and 'ajak' me to this one place that i have never been before, due to my be-back-before-10 principle.
Truth is i never like going out at night.

But biler hati dah tension and rase panas je kan.

and I remembered how along said how I need the 'other friends'.

eyp. my half hour is up.

Anyway I had fun last night, trying out new foodstuff there, and getting my Honeydew IceBlended with Pearls (memory ngan mummy Shera!!).

oh I so want last night pictures mumtaz!!!

And I sleep peacefully last night (with no notes and books next to me, no waking middle of the night to finish reading something, no football to watch, no noise of the musang on my roof! (seriously!)).


Now lets go back to strive for exam!!
Mari mencapai bintang!!

4 more paper to go!!

To my beloved granmummy a.k.a Wani-san who's now officially married to the beloved husband of her, Qayyum, CONGRATS!!!!! Sayangnye korang tak tunggu jennyto and achiko pulang first! Lol. xoxo!


along said...

first thing first.

kawan ko da kawennnnn???

2ndly, congrats for breaking the rules.
along tau kamu jenis memberontak dalam diam (kadang2) and tried hard pleasing everyone but kekadang, bila camtuh, break d rules.
kua la dgn org lain.
biapun cam tak penah hangout skali.
and x semestinye kene hangout dgn org yg sama jeee..kan?
its about meeting people, n dgn dis people u need not to share any problems, just have fun, explore the places u've nvr been to.

im glad u slept peacefully n hoping all d best 4 ur exams.
and the bintang2 oso.

am gonna sambung pengsan ah.
dem lah.
da kawen da??

gile ah.
ko buang tisu pun bersepah lagi.

jennyto said...

haku buang tisu bersepah lagi????


da bape lamer x jumpe alang ha..

ive changed tau.

da jadi ayu2 gitu.