Sunday, May 04, 2008

+.::.+ irreversible antagonists +.::.+

happier times when it rained
(PORSENI : volleyball)

seriously. the heat wave is killing me.

panas sangat.

panas amat.

panas gile.

panas bangett.

panas kali.

memang ribuan duit habes beli stuffs to fight the heat je la........

to makesure the balance between water loss and gain is equal...

sundaes @ A&W
(mentang-mentang sebelah FK je..)

milkshakes @ warung ijo

cold frappe @ pizza hut

eh...nasi lemak???
thanx to 3hse members yg terlibat!!

bercuti-cuti di depan umah uda!!! hehe..chun gle garden dier..
top : nisah & nad!
duduk dengan chumel : shaz & uda!

i know its been a while since i update this blog.
bukan x mahu, tapi..macam rasa xde kepentingan.

hehe. xdelah.

actually i feel like keeping all to myself just then.

even to the one i usually chat till hours and hours about what and what, i didn't.
and im sorry to u guys (u know who u r) for the silence.

last sunday, it was nasi lemak day. as shown in the above picture, memang berbaloi a makan

so right now, i'm busy with preparing myself for the respiratory block exam..
which is like, 3 weeks away.

PORSENI just ended yesterday, and i didn't go to the grand closing, but jengok2 as MJ is craving for surabi. (surabi is a food that is covered with egg, some weird sauce, and cheese slices on top..! haha wut a way to describe it!)

nak upload gamba surabi da x larat. internet slow sgt skang.

other than that, i am excited that my ummi and along is coming to medan next month!!!!!

miss them very, very much!!!

ookay. terupdate pon blog neh....! haha!


along said...

i loike this entry vewy muchhhhh!!

adegan happy2 sambil melantak secara riang.
a&w pun ade eskrem camtuh da eyhhh.
ke kat indon je ade (jakun mode) =P

sape yg nk dtg next month neh?
memandai je.


and yeah.
i felt d same way too.
u know on blogging.
and keeping some things to myself.

which somehow made me felt im genius too, in a way.
cause we r thinking alike.

naaaaaaaaaak jugak jadi genius cam kamu =P

mish yu darl~!!

jennyto said...

hehe kamu mmg genius la along-san.

genius part writing. lol.

sape je nk dtg medan...

tah a...

bukan along rasenye..huhu...