Tuesday, April 15, 2008

+.::.+ memperbaharui +.::.+


okay. i'm trying to put up a focused, lengthy, and informative update here. so let's begin!!

1st update - it's nearly one month since we moved, and we realized that we haven't do any housewarming yet!!! furthermore the exam is over, its time to meet up outside campus!!!~

and not to forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nisah (my dearie housemate!) , Uda (tuannya Luna Maya), Amir Hakimi, and....Pojie..! haha! Nisah dapat 2 kek!!

the menu for that day was MI REBUS and NASI GORENG yang sangat sedap. hehe. if you guys dont believe it, tanyalah orang2 yang datang...dr iwan ke...AMY x datang plak..she got stuffs to attend, ryte AMY?

happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you....

antara yang datang~

as i said earlier, exam dah habis. well for now. bye2 CVS (cardiovascular) block!!! c u @ the comprehensive exam!!! i hope i'll score then n yang lepas juge!!

now its the respiratory block, so the next theme will be "learning to breath" !!! (familiar.?) hehe...ala2 switchfoot aite.. :p

but then...eventho we all had said our goodbyes to the CVS block...we are all still attached to that block by the final report of our tutorials...thank you MEU. kawan2..da siap makalah??

buku yg difotocopy dari abby (english books r a scarce thing here) yg telah byk bergune...
thx abby mudhayana!!!

next is my recent addiction to this cigarette-like-wafer-filled-with-chocolate. the chocolate cream inside this thingy is very rich and creamy, and sangat fulfilling as isinya sangat ikhlas, read : penuh diameternya!
how addicted am i to it? how about 5 batang per day? heavy smoker. haha. but now i'm trying to reduce it down...today i manage to eat only 2...yeay!

tgk isi die....penuhkan??!!

ni la die...CHOCOLATOS!!

as the respiratory block has commenced, and we all are pushed back into the "study-study" mode, i would like to remind all my fwens..and me included.....

all work and no play makes us dull students...
all play and no work makes us fun students....


goofing in the lab!

hey, saper ingat.."no la-la-la-ing in the lab?" *winks*


along said...

it will always be a la-la-la-ing time whenever u r arounddd...~~

dat is,kalo u x PMS ke hapeee =P

piqabee said...

i remember no la la ing in d lab!
u do know dats impossible rite..?
la la la... in d lab..
la la la... in d class
la la la... at work
la la la... at home
la la la... everywhere dear

jennyto said...

along : hehe...sonok nye
hehe..i hope i cud bring lalala-time to everyone around me!!


ur here!! haha...michu!!
mmg impossible wif d goofy sistas around!!!!!!!