Tuesday, April 22, 2008

+.::.+ breakable, but mend-able! +.::.+

salam to all of u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

had a fulfilling weekend, really,
n i know its a bit too late to blog it all since its already..nearly WEDNESDAY...

as usual, on saturday, we all had class.
saturday was a no-hols for us.
luckily our class finished early and me and nisah decided
that we had enough of this stressful week.
oh yes. she had some personal problems, and i had mine.
added to the due date of the 'makalah' thingy.

so we decided to hit the mall, and watch whatever movie there is.
there were ps i love you *borrrrrring* , bee movie...(bzzzzzzzzzzz...u r so yesterday!) and the forbidden kingdom. *hurm?*

we decided to watch the forbidden kingdom, starring jet li and jackie chan, sounds like a promising movie ait?

n thankfully it is. we half tot that the movie was in chinese. lol. but it was cool tho.

balik rumah, then i went to 'jenguk2' some activities done by some jakarta students on islamic-based gathering. cool stuff, what they did, but then I had to go, for my housemates have their sports day tomorrow, n i need to catch some z's as well.

the next morning was the PM USU Sports day. Girls = netball. Guys = futsal.
I did my piece of work. lol. I became the assistant to the water girl!!! Hehe. We decided to sell 'Air Mata Maria' that day, and somehow it became 'Air Mata Hanisah'.

As my housemates are totally coolness in playing netball, they won it, for two years already.
And we *the rest of batch* went shouting like mad "Go Hobbits!!"
In case you're wondering, Hobbits is the name of the group.

wif farah!! hebat gle diorg men!!

afiq ^the blue man^ , syaz, ngan nisah yang mempunyai air mata yang sedap dan berharge rp2000 se cawan!!! hehe...

Sampai la ke petang that game.
and i went home flat abes.
Monday morning, wake up, pegi lab,
life resumes as usual.


kene bebel lagi dengan the same lecturer?
I think all the happiness I gathered during the weekends will made me able to go through the whole week.

Cayalah Jennyto!!!

Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts.
So it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess,
And to stop the muscle that makes us confess.
And we are so fragile,

And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.

-Breakable, Ingrid Michealson.


along said...

luv luv luv ingrid too!!

along nye teh o' nak kene charge bape ek pasneh?


jennyto said...

teh o???

rp 2000!!


Rinie said...

farmako sgt menyeronokkan..

membuatkan aku rasa mcm pelajar akademi fantasia.. kena kritik je memanjang.. cuma xde org undi je in the end..

Adakah Kak Roz kita? Atau Pak Man Lelo?

Salah satu tip yg aku slalu guna bila wat presentation is "Expect The Worst".

1st kita predict dulu what is the worst thing that could happen berdasarkan persiapan kita. Apa yang lecturer boleh kritik? Pakaian? Tulisan? Gaya Cakap? and etc etc.

And then from there kita pastikan yang all of those worst thing would not happen. Pastikan pakaian kita kemas, tulisan jelas.. kalo x ckp mahjong beli kat luar lebih.. xmahal.. and then practice dulu apa yg kita nak cakap masa presentation nanti. So kita prepare dgn everything base on the prediction.

Kalo kita ada mind set mcm ni kita takkan ada problem la nanti. Even kalo die kritik lagi kita note down and make sure it wont happen again. Just imagine if ko sorg je yang take the effort untuk siapkan diri dan yg lain tak.. definitely markah ko akan lebih tinggi compare dari yang lain.. and definitely die akan igt yg ko ni mmg seorg pelajar yang bagus.. haa so kita tgk sesuatu situation dari sudut yg berbeza.. use it into our advantage ^^

Kalo die merepek lagi mende2 lain mampos die la. Cam telinga ko untuk die sorg je nak bebel.

Anyway pernah tgk citer "Devil Wears Prada" ? Tgk mcm mana heroin tu impress boss die. Die punya sungguh2 sampai boss die suka kat die. Shld take that movie as an example.

adeh panjang la pulak comment aku ni. Dah kira cam aku tulis blog kat cni. Haha ok tata titi tutu~

along said...


*sambel menongkat dagu memandang rinie dengan penuh rasa kagummmm*

jennyto said...

wow rins.
its kak roz, btw.
jadi my tutor for the whole block!!

so for this 6 weeks i'll be her 'anak-anak'.

its so hard to achieve the learning issues when she dok bebel about the same thing over n over again.

n wen we r in d dark about wut case we are actually dealing wit, other groups learning issues are like, pneumonia n bronchitis n such.

bler kte deduce it was an infection, but ONE OF US *dem yuhh* who somehow said, he got a tip from the MEUs dat it wsnt an infection, but it was a congenital one, when all the signs n symptoms are enlighting us with an infection.

and our Kak Roz said we cant make the hipothesis yet coz there's one of us doesnt agree, and being doctors, we sholud listen to all aspects, even the most bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

d guy wuz wrong, n he wasnt half ryt, n i nearly diagnosed him with hyperactive attention deficit disorder. apetah tu. bantai je. da x ingat da ape time blok pediatrics dulu.

n d guy wuz degil. dem yuhh..

so we are stuck there.

n she doesn't direct us to stuff we need to be directed in tutorial.

but yeah of course she's a blah blah in a blah blah. and the top of blah blah.

huh. i never kutuk a lecturer this much. but i hope tomorrow will be better.


mcm satu entry baru plak.

along :


Rinie said...

hahaha.. tutor tutor.. medan mencari masalah dan dapat masalah..

bukan masalah pesakit je tapi masalah2 yg tidak berkaitan pun ada..

tapi problem is good! dalam bahasa cina aku dah lupa macam mana nak sebut die tapi kalo dlm bhs cina slalunya in 1 word akan ada byk meaning..

mcm perkataan "problem" dalam bahasa cina kalo disebut dlm bentuk yg berbeza also mean "opportunity".

maksudnya problem = opportunity.

di sebalik semua problem ada opportunity. Cam contoh bila pelajar Malaysia ada problem nak makan makanan Malaysia. Tetiba ada restoran Malaysia kat Indo sebab dieorg npk peluang untuk menyelesaikan masalah pelajar Malaysia. Bila dieorg menyelesaikan masalah mknan ni dieorg pun dpt la untung.

so it also means problem = opportunity = money.

sebab tu doc gaji die plg mahal. sebab doc boleh menyelesaikan problem yg sgt besar berkaitan dengan kesihatan/nyawa seseorg.

so kalo ada problem, be happy! bcoz behind every problem there is opportunity.

mcm pepatah melayu: ada udang di sebalik batu. Wahahahah ^^

.cookie suria m. said...

"Go Hobbits!!"
it reminds me to lotr!
wonder, is it your batch's netball group inspired by that cute hobbits? ;)