Tuesday, March 20, 2012


salam. its totally been a while.
and of course to write so suddenly doesn't often produce good entry blogs.
so forgive me for this entry, i just need to blog, just need to show proof that I'm alive.

and yeah, i finished my medical student course.

reading my last entry, i had to be thankful to Allah for so many blessings that I've received for so many fears I've contained.  I got new friends (even if they are more like my adik-adik) , a lot of new knowledge (be it from the residents and supervisors) and ending the department with a super nice lecturer. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.

New challenges awaits me.
but for now, I've got spare times to catch up with the family, the friends, and the Malaysian culture.(yeah baby I'm hommmmmmmme.)

InsyaAllah, till we meet again.


bl4ze said...

Yay! Jennfire is BACK!

it's jenn. said...

there's only one person calls me that dear u who walks to school by bus! :D

mohd uda said...

glad that u did it. u did it girl!

it's jenn. said...

tq uda :D