Friday, October 21, 2011

road not taken (yet)

4 departments to go. 3 with no oncalls. 1 with oncall, and a major must-know-it-all department.

how i hate that the fact that i am the only one, among my friends, that is yet to finished this particular department. the department with obsessed seniority among the resident and all. the department with killer supervisor. the department with rules that no other departments have. the eight week department. i dread it very much, part of it because i have to do it alone/with strangers (juniors) , and part of it because all the reason above.

i have 2 months and 2 weeks before I 'try' to enter this department. pray for everything to go well, pray for me to get excellent marks, pray for me to get friendly. And most importantly, pray for me to be a good doctor to the small-sized patients there. :)

ophthalmology post test is today. otorhinolaringology , or ENT (ear nose and throat) is the next department.


arleen said...

Wishing u THE BEST! :)

Suwie Duwie said...

=) nice blog..

harimau said...

don't worry too much dear.. it's not that bad. it's all depends on how u going to see it actually.

yes, i'll pray for u. though i know u can do it!