Thursday, March 29, 2012

sharing is...?


or so they say.

frankly i think people are used to sharing too much on the net these days.
two-ways conversations are now open for the whole world to see.
thoughts are updated every minute on the net.
your locations are proudly shared for everyone needs to tell everyone where they are.
relationships are to be announced, and be commented.

social network really rule our world nowadays.
facebook,twitter,foursquare, just to name a few.
to find someone who has not create a social network account is like finding a pin in bunch of haystack.

people now SHARES everything.

but who CARES now?

it is like talking and listening.
if everybody talks, who is listening?
they hear you, but they don't listen to you.

blog existed before the age of facebook. i encountered blogs during the age of friendster.
see how they became our timeline already? irony. timeline.

blogs takes time. it takes time to wrote an entry, it takes time for people to view it, and it takes time for people to actually read it.

nowadays people are fast. one sentence thought, publish. tweet.
yes, even though people now is tweeting, I hope our minds are still greater than the flying creature that it represent.

even me myself, tweet. but sometimes only. i don't want myself to get use to immediate thought-publishing.

i am bored person. and this is just a bored and lengthy thought.

conclusion, if you have to be on the net so much, just don't forget the people around you.
they are the ones that matters because they are freaking REAL.

till then, assalamualaikum!


pie6160 said...

assalamualaikum dan slmt beramal..haha

it's jenn. said...

waalaikumussalam...baep uztad..huhu

bl4ze said...

Tweet tweet tweet~! :D

it's jenn. said...

tengok org tweet makanan je. jadi geram. haha!