Tuesday, October 18, 2011

here and there

salam and hello blog readers.

i left the blog for quite a long time, for more than 1 month. I tried to blog a few times, but alas time and ideas doesn't permit me to.

i was thinking to blog about my 30 days of cooking challenge. not that i left it at there, i did cook, but i just didnt update the blog about it. so far, I managed to do 1/4 of the 30 cooking I was supposed to master. I'll come back later to that if I have time okay.

clinically, I am at ophthalmology department. it has a 1-month schedule, and now I'm in the last week. Waiting for post test, that is. Ophthalmology is an interesting department, but a stressful one too. Let's not elaborate more on that.

as this is my final semester, I was thinking to do more good for the students here. How? Ideas are popping up in my head now and then, just need to find the right person to execute the idea. it's time to give back, before we do that back in Malaysia.

I miss Malaysia terribly. even if its only 1 hour flight away, i just cant find the time to go to the immigration thrice and surely the tickets will be expensive if I were to go back unplanned. When I say terribly, I did mean so.

It was nice to see friends in Malaysia are progressing in their lives, some has made wedding plans (although I cant still make it :( ) . some has babies in their stomach (that I will manage to see, wait for me baby), many has graduated , congratulations guys!!! and few has second baby on their way. I cant say I don't feel a little bit down not having all this, (shuts emotional maternal instincts down) but I need to remind meself that I'm here for something greater, something good, for the mankind, to the people. be cheesy as it is, people need to have that semangat, that fire in their souls to keep living in this stagnant part of life. Allah knows best.

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