Thursday, May 03, 2007

+.::.+ nearly there, nearly lost it +.::.+

This is a week of tests.

Tests for my patience, all of them. Lagi-lagi tengah homesick bagai. Been lazy this week,cant focus to study at all. =( .

The weather skang pun asek panas giler and then hujan…lebatss…selalu dinner cancelled. Perutku tahan-tahan je laa ek..

I have tried to update my blog dari aritu. But tak dapat2…ade je sumthing yang come up.

Letrik xde, saket perut, assignments,pen drive kat orang,cc penoh, si comel2 yang melompat2 to halau and sum1 crazy and boring yang harus dilayan.

I have been counting patiently to the date that I will be back. I hope everything will be cleared before my flight date, InsyaAllah. Those yang dah tau my flight date, diam2 je laa ek, coz I’m afraid kalo ade pape came up. Doakan everything will be fine.

I cannot take this one pharmaco lecturer lectures. Seriously. Sangat. He (yes it’s a guy) will touch sangat sedikit about drugs. When he should terangkan dengan lebih banyak. Tapi taaaaaaaaak. He’ll go on and on how we should study and lebih gampang lagi baca lagi secara sistematis untuk biochemistry and physiology.

Oh by the way gampang means jelas,easy etc. Not what we meant back in Malaysia.

The blood transfusion lecture by the clinical pathology lecturer memang memerlukan a lot of patience. Which is a very hard thing for me. Hurm…sebbaek ade orang tu terkunci kat luar, coz datang lambat…sooo terima kaseh hilangkan my mengantuk =)

Kaki sufian patah. Who the heck is sufian? Well, he’s my penyu keychain given by sum1. Cian sufian… Another thing to add to my list of broken things in the month of April.

(ps Dinie yang bagi name penyu ni…xde kena mengena dengan yang hidup ataupun yang mati!!! =p)

I am glad Dinie like Jakarta’s shopping thingy. Medan not so much to see n shop, and boleh jugak laa nampak the disappointment in mereka. I don’t have the time to comment on ur blog entry yet, Dins, u know how the internet here works. Rase lagi laju kura2. But memang kewl kalo kamu fluent in French. U can marry a French guy without much hassle, one who can sing to you. Hehee.

I miss my pham so much, but i mish aliya d most. My degil-but-oh-so-cute little sister. I mish hearing her calling my name, I mish her excited-ness seeing me jemput-ing her from tadika, I mish her tanye what am I eating (in a hint that I will gave her some), I mish sharing macaroni n cheese with her (lagi2 time Ramadhan when everyone else tak buley makan =p), I mish her holding my larger-than-her hand while taking a stroll at the park ( but usually kalo zaki ade, she’ll just run ahead from me), I mish seeing her wearing her tudung tadika and how she forgotten to bring them sometimes (which means extra job for the driver! [a.k.a me]), I mish her laughter and smile, wailing and tears,and what made me mish her is that everytime we are on the phone she’ll say, “alang..adik rindu alang…”.

I know by the 3rd week of holidays I will get geram with her already.

But that’s what sisters are kan.

So along, u mish me tak? The cute little sister ni? Kah2. well I mish u my marissa-cooper sister. Guess dats make me the little devil-ish cooper. The one who wants the pony and have the twisted plan in her mind. Kah2.

And my other sisters~ miss u guys loads. Pika , Sue, Shera (thx dearie mummy 4 repkying my mssgs), Wani , Dinie and Abboy (makcek blur nie, I mish u much gurl)

I am so looking forward to the end of this month. Where I will be safely (insyaAllah) back in Malaysia, in my home, on my bed. A stable internet connection. A washing machine. Shoes to buy. Friends to meet. Relatives to visit. Errands to run. Things to cook. Songs to download. Movies to watch. Books to read? (still thinking bout it..)


Jiji, 24 said...

Malay version: " Aku rasa dah cukup jelas, takpayah jelaskan lagi"

Endon version: "Gwe rasa gwe cukup GAMPANG dengan apa yg lho cuba perkatakan, tak usah DIPERGAMPANGKAN lagi"

hahahahahah@!~ Sakit perot gelak@!~

kobeng8 said...
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kobeng8 said...

heyho jenn!! nak exam dah ek!! same ler kte... gud luck ek!! "gambatte" fizul dah ader blog singgah2 lah yer.. heheehe

alongariff said...

of all pictures yg ade...nape perlu gamba ituuuu???


gampang sunggoh kamu mahu menjatuhkan air muke guwe. =P

mish u loads juge makcek~!!

shamilamz said...

ehek. saye pun rindu kamu juge. lalala.

dinS said...

haha.i want a french i can have a reason to go see the eiffel tower!hehe.miss ya!bile balik msia?

alongariff said...

bile tengok gamba adek balek, it has been awhile kan since dia last minum botol susu?

rindu plaks.

nak shushu,yong.


afie911 said...

Cute lil sis. I have one exactly like urs. ;)