Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Today mark the end of my very very very busy week. Busy,yeah but kinda entertaining. But I’ll be busy next week back, as formatif is coming up, and prep for nex month Blaze.

What a sorrow that the week pika and dins decided to enjoy Medan’s very clean air is my very busy week. But all in all I thank Nisa and her family for being such a nice hostess to them.

Irah,what a surprise that you were here as well, and siap ade connection ngan Rinie lagi, surprise,surprise.

So many small things happened as well last week. Small, but significant.

2 days before pika and dins and irah arrival, my star-studded-silver-and-given-by-sum1-special-bracelet putus. I don’t know how the heck it putus, but it did. And that day I was very stressed out from all the work and studies, ditambah dengan the bracelet accident, it just make me really sad. Well what to do. Mende dah nk jadi. Regret tak jage elok2. tapi ape nak buat. Sedih gitu2 dah.

Pika and dins and irah arrival in Medan, ku tak sempat ke airport, coz of the lecturer. But somehow I’ve persuade them to see me before going anywhere else. Kah2. and…I got another surprise. Surprise,surprise. Well saya sangat terharu, abboy and keQ. Sangat. Sangat sangat. Ah. So. So so so. Not sorso a Nisa.

Blaze! Kelip2 mate, Blaze! 3rd edition dah pun keluar, and….dah habis dijual. 90 issues! Dikala melayan my fwens and Blaze punye dateline…sempat seeh..alhamdulillah.

Paid for my next year’s house. Will be living my room…hehee. In the house where achik and other mara girls will also live. They are iela, farah, ummi, liza and hanisah. More to come, but these are yang dah confirm. At last living with Malays. No offence but kadang2 when achik is one hell of mood and keQz busy studying, I just wish there’s someone else to talk to.

Danau Toba. I’ve been there, finally. Kinda kewl. Okayh2 gitu. I got my feet burned, and we got to see a stalactite yang ade myth about a batak lady being forced to get married to someone she doesn’t want to. Aah. pathetic love, at least cite Mahsuri tu cam best gak. So the story is she tgh nk terjun but then turned to stone,with her puppy as well. Kalo dins upload the pix u’ll know what I meant.

Celebrating Dins’s belated birthday @ Papa Ron’s. Cant find the cake we fancy,so have to do without one. And uh, I set a new record for myself. 7 slices of pizza. That’s like a full pan + 1 slice of pizza. Emm~….no comment…

I’m being offered for a position. Wont tell what. But it includes free vouchers to surf the net @ starbucks! I’ve said no coz tak tahu I can cope or what with my Blaze and all. Furthermore, my priorities are my studies. So, study laah!! Hehee. But in case nobody else want the position, I’ll gladly fill it in,but I’m gona need the camera,peeps. I’m menderita already doing Blaze! without one.

And last night, after seeing them off @ the polonia airport, I had an accident. The aftermath of it is my pinkie-given-by-pika-and-shera-ring jatuh and cant be found. =(. That’s two losses in a row. 1st the bracelet, then the ring. Hurm…

That’s me filling in, just for the sake of letting everyone knows what I’ve been up to.

Here are some pixx that we mengedikly take at sun plaza’s photo studio. Don’t be surprise that I’ve look a bit chubby than before. Uhh. Oh yeah, my BMI is now NORMAL. No longer underweight. Phew! Finally! (Applause please!)

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."
--- Tim McGraw


alongariff said...

finally some updates!
some good news!
and some weight gained!

gile jeles.
I'm still kerempeng dowh.

planning to get u sumthing.
but balek dulu!!

jgn stress2 sgt buk.

and p/s - mayb bkn siblings kite yg kawen dulu tau. Tasneem is, well.. hehe =P Balek! Balek!

Jiji, 24 said...

Kanak-kanak ria cuti sekolah@!~ Sebijik@!~

Syok nye study..ada kawan-kawan. Outing bagai@!~ haih@!~


WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@!~ I miss my school lifeeeeeeeeee@!~


jennz said...

alongariff: kerempeng but still mentain vogue. huhu. wah. tasneem kah? yeay! makan nasi minyak!! yippie!!

sis jiji: jgn winduan2 sgt..ingt tak bile assingment melambak nak mampos n sgt laa nk kne siapkan assignment?? tulaa yg x beshnye...

afie911 said...

Syyyioookknyaaa. =D