Wednesday, May 23, 2007

+.::.+ home dy +.::.+

home dy!

as swarna wud say it. (home already)

been running around, trying to restore my home back to normal.
and my laptop as well.

had a nice flight with the cacak-cacak-haired air asia crews. Guess dat day was a cacak-hair day. Huhu.

still tak cukup rest, macam kat indonesia, but I am thankful I'm here to be there for the pham.

Kinda rase useless back in medan.

Pika me got u what u asked for,gave u l8r.

Frens, i miss u guys, msg me!! Diel, kamu x mssg, u're dead. U r the 1st one(n up to date,the last) I called.


Jiji, 24 said...

Welcome home, yea @!~ * kesian kakak mu membanting tulang*

emjay_4u said...

sonot ker jen balik umah?
wwawawa.. shupink2..